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Setup assistant crashed - amd cpu osx86 10.4.4


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Right ok ive posted before but im going to give a bit more detail to my query this time.


My problem is:


When installing osx, install runs fine, it hangs at the reboot bit at the end, but i just press reset.

When it goes to boot from the hd, darwin runs fine, and it gets to a blue screen again with the cursor, then it disappears saying

Local Host CrashDump [302] setup assistant crashed


then it attempts to load it again, and says the same error. It continues on an infinite loop.



Searching the forums i found this


THis is all because of the AMD CPU!. You'll have to use the AMD_Enabler in the root of your file system using single user startup option. So startup OSX and:


1. type -s during startup for single user mode

2. cd /AMD_Enabler

3. mount -uw /

4. chmod 755 patcher

5. ./patcher cpuid_patches.txt

6. Wait for it to finish and reboot.... working!





Now i booted into osx in single user mode, and typed in step 2, cd /AMD_Enabler

it says No such file or directory


Im running an AMD Athlon 3000+ skt 939, which only has sse2, not sse3, and osx86 10.4.4


Please help me it would me very much appreciated if you could


Ask me if you need more information

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The AMD_Enabler directory may not be named 'AMD_Enabler'. Once you have booted in single user mode, type 'ls' (without quotes) to see the directory list. Look for the name of the directory that has AMD_Enabler or something like that in the name. That is your directory. Type 'cd directory' where 'directory' is the name the right directory. Type 'ls' to see the files inside. Make sure that they are the same as the ones mentioned in the above post. Then proceed from there! I know this was an old post...but I figured I would help out since this helped me.

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