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  1. Wow UltraLaser thanks a lot, I tried your method with your patched kext and clover patches and have got some success. Wifi now works! But bluetooth still has an issue. No bluetooth hardware found in System Report. Im using SMBIOS MacBook 7,1, don't know if thats revenant Its ok i sorted it. Thanks everyone! Really appreciated!
  2. Darn unfortunately that didn't work either. Driving me nuts lol as I've been at it for days now. THE Vendor is 14E4 and the Device is 43B1. Don't know if thats useful. I can't understand it as it was working ok in EL CAP. Is FakePCIID compatible with Sierra 10.12.0?
  3. Ive been trying for days to get my wifi working under Sierra, using PatchBram2.kext and FakePCIID.kext but no luck. Bluetooth works fine. Anything i should know to get it to work. It used to work in both Yosemite and EL Capitan. OSX Sierra 10.12.0 Thank you
  4. Any ideas?

    Installed osX 10.8 - setup ran fine but on first boot I got this in photo. Dell Inspiron N7010
  5. Hi, I successfully managed to install 10.9 Mavericks on a Foxconn 662mmx board. I realise this is quite an old board now but its temporary until I can find some cash to get a UEFI modern board. Its working fine but with a weird issue with the USB ports, more specifically the keyboard and mouse. 95% of the time when mac os X boots into the desktop, the mouse and keyboard will be frozen and the only way to remedy it is to remove them and put them in a DIFFERENT port than they was in, like its playing musical chairs with all the USB ports lol. For example I can have the mouse plugged into the top port on the left, next reboot I might have to unplug it and put it into another port, like I have to find the port it likes on that current bootup - if you understand what I mean sorry not easy to explain. Disabling legacy USB mouse and keyboard in bios works sometimes but that gives another problem as I cant type in any kernel flags in chameleon. I was wondering if there was an different USB kext or something I could try. I think the USB is based on a SIS chipset. Thankyou very much
  6. Hello there, I finally successfully installed MAC OS X86, on AMD motherboard ECS Elitegroup MCP61M-M3 using Ideneb 1.5.1 Works great, audio, ethernet, everything - but the internet seems a little slow for some reason, and its not in windows, maybe an ethernet issue? Also the operating system is unusuable if i dont type in the command MAXMEM=4096 or MAXMEM=2048 at boot. I have 6 gigabytes of ddr3, any workaround does anyone know to utilitise all 6 gigabytes? Other than that, it works great, if I remember correctly I had to use an IDE dvd rom reader to install, because I got still got waiting for root device with my sata DVD drive during installation. Oh and all 4 cpu cores work on my AMD phenom, in osx86! Other than the few issues, mac osx86 is great, and I type in this forum using it right now. Oh and if you want to use onboard sound, use azilla for this motherboard, for some reason the others dont work.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could shed on some light on this. Using Iatkos 7i, i can install osx86 fine with an IDE burner, and ide hard drive, but if i try and boot it from my SATA dvd drive, it says still waiting for root device before it gets to the install prompt. The board is an asrock n68-gs. Its not that much of a problem, because like i said i already successfully installed it, but it would be nice if i could figure out why sata wouldnt work.
  8. Hi, got itakos 5i running great, QE the works! One problem though, audio isnt working, The motherboard is the FOXCONN 945P7AE and the audio is REALTEK alc 653. Any suggestions on how to get this working. I have kext helper installed but is there any kexts i could install? Help would be very much appreciated. Thankyou !
  9. Soundblaster Sound

    Hey im asking on behalf of a friend of mine who has just installed MAC OS X86 10.4.7 JAS, and everything works fine apart from his sound. He says that his soundboard is a SOUNDBLASTER PCI 512. Is it possible to get this sound card working in mac os x86? Thanks
  10. MAC OS 10.4.7 quick question

    Hi guys sorry about this, last time i had os 10.4.7 it ran perfect, but i forgot to save the AMD_Enabler patch i found elsewhere on this forum that fixes the ABOUT THIS MAC issue on 10.4.7 Can someone link me to that thread ive been looking for ages - someone posted an AMD_Enamber patch that solves the non working ABOUT THIS MAC on 10.4.7 so i can redownload it Thanks
  11. RTL8139D Ethernet

    Thanks for the replies guys, i only just noticed it. I didnt quite understand how to do all you said but it dont matter anyway, because for some weird reason wiping mac os 10.4.7 from the computer and reinstalling it solved it - does this mean whenever you swap a device for a new one you should reinstall osx? Anyway reinstalling OSX jas10.4.7 soon as i did that the network card was instantly recognised. Cool
  12. RTL8139D Ethernet

    Hi i purchased a RTL8139D from ebay for a machine running osX86 10.4.7 Jas release. Its branded Belkin, but for some reason it doesnt seem to be recognised in MAC OS X86. Tried swapping pci ports to no avail. Is there anything else i can try to try and get this to work?. The chip is a realtek RTL8139D and the card is branded Belkin. Thanks
  13. Need help 10.4.7 please

    Hi, my friend aquired mac os x 10.4.7, and has installed it successfully. He has a realtek RTL8029 lan card. I was wondering if it was possible to get this card functioning in osX. He has osx10.4.7 jas release.
  14. Stuck at installation reboot

    A lot of computers hang at the reboot, mine does. Just press reset button.
  15. Everyone works, but i have ran into yet another problem. When using installers in MAC OS X 10.4.7 (JAS RELEASE) the cursor just changes to that spinning colour thing and it hangs, and i have to force quit, so I cant install any software that is a *.pkg file. Does anyone know a rememdy to solve this - it didnt do it in MAC OS X 10.4.4 but thats no use to me because my ethernet or sound dont work in that version. Im hoping theres some sort of patch or something. Oh yeah by the way i enambled both the amd thingys during setup. My system is an athlon 64 3000 +, 512mb, 27 gig ide, nforce 3 chipset