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  1. I figured out the problem! If I delete "Extensions.kextcache" and "Extensions.mkext" before the next reboot everything works great! Now all I need to do is make this happen before each shutdown....
  2. I get sluggish response randomly... After some restarts, OSX is blazing! Everything runs great. And after other restarts...it is reeeaaally slow. Typing text appears slowly, windows open slowly... I tried the fix suggested here but that didn't do anything. I'm not making any changes to the system when these random slow/fast boots occur. ANY help would be appreciated.
  3. Offically Install DVD

    I'd really like to know if installing the update this way on 10.4.4 would work. I currently have the 10.4.10 torrent off of P.B. It has separate patches for AMD and Intel both are assuming SSE3 support, which I don't have. Do you have any suggestions on this? Thanks!
  4. Before You Begin... Keyboard not recognized...

    Well, I realized after I made this post that I was pressing the wrong key! I was pressing the Command key instead of the 'z' key. So after making the post I went back and edited it. If it takes a long time...make sure you pressed the correct key!
  5. [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    You need to make sure that the resolution/refresh rate you are trying to use is supported by your monitor.
  6. Make sure you press the right key!! lol
  7. Setup assistant crashed - amd cpu osx86 10.4.4

    The AMD_Enabler directory may not be named 'AMD_Enabler'. Once you have booted in single user mode, type 'ls' (without quotes) to see the directory list. Look for the name of the directory that has AMD_Enabler or something like that in the name. That is your directory. Type 'cd directory' where 'directory' is the name the right directory. Type 'ls' to see the files inside. Make sure that they are the same as the ones mentioned in the above post. Then proceed from there! I know this was an old post...but I figured I would help out since this helped me.