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I need an application that can stream audio.


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I'm familiar the OS X86 scene, and have been with it for around a year now.

But there was always one problem I had when using OS X other than the video drivers.

My problem is Audio. I have some Oddball ULi chipset, and mind you this motherboard was made before nVidia got ahold of them.

So the onboard audio doesn't work, and my USB audio device only works with input for some reason.


Okay, enough rambling.


My Idea is to stream my audio to one of my old PIII boxes via LAN.

I know I could just use VLC or iTunes, but I want to capture and stream all the audio to the other computer. Stuff like OS X playing a notification sound, or Firefox playing a flash.


If there is no application that can do that, then I guess I will just have to use VLC or iTunes.



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