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  1. Hi all, I run a EX58-UD5 Hackintosh for several years. Was with 10.7 prior to doing a fresh install of 10.9.5 on a seperate SATA drive two days ok. the system runs fine OOTB, except that BIOS reset everytime I restart the system 'normal restart from the Apple menu or command line'. My ML installation doesn't do that. I used the latest [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] for 10.9 and boot off from the USB. My BIOS version is F7 and VT-d is disabled. Help would be appreciated thx Eric
  2. Hey! I got a P6T6 WS Pro and sound is still not working. Did you use the system provided AppleHDA with custom .xml definition files or an entirely new kext ? thx in advance
  3. GeForce 200 series support

    New NVidia GTX285 Drivers, can it work with on 10.6.4 hackintosh?? Hi guys! NVidia released last week an official drivers update for the its GTX-285 card... Can someone confirm that it works on Hackintosh 10.6.4 ? My motherboard is a GA-X58A-UD5. I am willing to try it out on a very stable system if someone can confirm that this test will not render my daily computer to a pile of ... http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce-macosx-19.5.8f03-driver.html ://http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforc...03-driver.html ://http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforc...03-driver.html thanks.
  4. I am in the process of starting the conversion of a TYAN Tempest i5400xt (dual Xeon) Hackintosh 10.5.8 into a 10.6 Server and I was wondering if any of you had some good pointers, possibly a guide and if I am pushing my luck, did it.... ? I am an intermediate hackintosh'er and own several real MACs and i7 Hackintosh boxes. I don't see how the 10.6 Server is different (installation wise) than a plain 10.6. I intend to document my installation for the benefit of the community... Peace,
  5. Hi guys! I am the happy owner of an ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution w/ i7 960 system and I would love to run SnowLeopard on it. Did someone manage to get it work ? I know that GIGABYTES boards are well supported, but I made my choice Thx in advance.
  6. I am running VMware Fusion since almost a year on both a MacBook 10.5.5 (white) and a Hackintosh P5K-VM, NV-8500GT Kaly 10.5.2->10.5.4 without any problem. However, things are getting very weird when I upgraded to Fusion 2.0 (legit). I am having random freeze on both MACs. Ok, I am not running any M$ OS, but darn me cause I am using VMware for running different Linux Distribution in both x86 and x86_64 for development purpose. Anyone seeing a pattern ? So only choice is to swtich to Linux and running VMware Workstation ! I don't mind but I would prefer to develop from OSX Cheers!
  7. P5K-VM (ICH9) with 10.5.4 is working! I am running a KalyWay 10.5.2, upgraded to 10.5.3 using KalyWay Combo upgrade and upgraded again using 10.5.4 Apple Update Software. I had to dig a bit to find my device id, but it worked. I have also tested the ACHI-ICH9 driver from a Macbook running 10.5.4... it also works, but I got the orange disk icon! Good stuff Cyclone! Merci mec! I can make my .kext available.... Just ask!
  8. Lost my Processor description

    found it!! Here is how to Edit the file; cd /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/ sudo vim AboutThisMac.strings Then edit that line: "ABOUT_BOX_SINGLE_PROCESSOR_FIELD_FORMAT" = "%@"; for something like that "ABOUT_BOX_SINGLE_PROCESSOR_FIELD_FORMAT" = "Commodore Vic-20"; Then reboot! I hope you like what if put instead of a modern CPU? good luck!
  9. Pwnage Tool 2.1 Released

    Does this work for a jailbreaked 1.1.4 iPod Touch 32G ? Can't wait !!!
  10. Hi all, Does the Kalyway 10.5.2 or Kalyway 10.5.3 Combo update includes the Leopard Graphics Update 1.0 ? I've notice a big performance improvement when I applied the update on my MacBook back in Feb-2008. Cheers,
  11. Hi all, I got a weird cosmetic problem... I have lost the CPU description in 'About this Mac' . I am getting an Unknown instead of something like; Intel Core 2 Q6700 Quad Core bla bla bla. Here is a screenshot of my 10.5.2 Kalyway (upgraded to 10.5.3 with Kalyway combo update) for your review... thanks all and long lives the Hackintosh
  12. VMWare Fusion vs BootCamp

    VMWare Fusion is indeed the best of both world. I am doing lots of LINUX and OSX development and having the ability to run different Distribution (at the same time) on the same box is a real time saver for me. Fusion had some issues and poor performance with the 1.1.2 version, but thanks to Apple and a fix to their IO Stack, the new 1.1.3 is really fast and stable. My 2cent.
  13. Hey! I got the same board with the same problem.... Your are not alone I am able to reproduce (on demand) the kernel panic. I am running Kalyway 10.5.2, upgraded to 10.5.3 (Kalyway combo update) on a P5K-VM, Q6700, 4GB Kingston 800 and NV 8500GT. Leo is installed on a 250GB SEAGATE ST3250310AS drive... no problem what so ever related to the drive, except a possible slower HD performance... Something wrong with the IDE driver ? Hope someone can help us!
  14. Got the Kalyway 10.5.2 installation working with a P5K-VM , a QuadCore Q6700 and NV 8500GT 512MB !! My system is booting normally with all supplied kernels!! Everything works fine, except the built in HDA and maybe my SATA that runs on 4 cylinders (instead of 8) Kaly, I own you a few dozen beers ! Just got a question regarding the SATA and sound. I read lots of things about the fact that some installation were running the SATA sub-system @ half capacity... How do I know if I am one of them and that I need a driver fix? Also, did the Linux cat /proc/... codec thing! Then opened the HDAPatcher and drop the codec dump file and nothing changed after reboot. What do I need to do prior to run the HDAPatcher? Do I need to remove the existing files ? Apart from that, it is a blast to run OSX on a Quad machine. Peace!
  15. Reinstall Mac on the already installed HD

    I confirm that re-installing above a previous installation is working! However, as a good practice, I started to backup my /System folder (before an update or at some point in time when I like the state of my installation) to guaranty a quick recovery in case of oopsy (when trying new stuff). Also, removing the previous /System right from a Terminal session in the OSX Installer gives better results. Simply rename the existing /System to something else and do the installation as you would do normally. Backup your existing System; Just open a Terminal session and follow the instructions below; 1) Gain superuser access # sudo -s 2) Backup your existing System # cd / # tar zcf System-mydate.tar.gz System/ 3) reboot OSX # sync # reboot To restore your previous System Boot as single user by typing; -s at Darwin boot prompt. Then do these steps; 1) Rename the existing System folder as something else so it wont get in the way next time you but, but all your previous mods are kept safe # cd / # mv System System.old 2) Restore the previous System cd / tar zxf System-mydate.tar.gz 3) Reboot OSX # sync # reboot That saved my skin a few dozen times already!