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Error in software update


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These past few days I tried to launch software update but all I got from the console is this :


2006-09-05 10:50:38.464 Software Update[4958] loader:didFailWithError:NSError "XML parser error:

Encountered unexpected EOF

Old-style plist parser error:

Malformed data byte group at line 1; invalid hex

" Domain=SUCatalogLoader Code=0 UserInfo={

NSLocalizedDescription = "XML parser error:\n\tEncountered unexpected EOF\nOld-style plist parser error:\n\tMalformed data byte group at line 1; invalid hex\n";

NSURL = http://swscan.apple.com/content/catalogs/index-1.sucatalog;



Does anyone know how to fix this ?



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"launch software update" how?


If it's under the apple logo then make sure you download and install the update version of OSX. Eg if you have 10.4.5 and you see a 10.4.6 or 10.4.7 update is abailable then don't downloaded it. I now know this becuase i accidentally downloaded it and had an error message when i restared my system.


Had to reinstall OSX.

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