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Parted Magic 6.4 released

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I have been recommending this distribution for years now, as a great set of tools. But now you need to pay in order to download. A big mistake, IMO. Not because US$4.99 are a lot of money, but because thousands of potential users are unable to pay online. Unless they change their mind, I am afraid this is going to be the demise of a once great distribution. I have seen it happen with many other distributions.



The distro is great. Had (and still have the older version) it in my tool box.


I can perfectly understand the author and his position regarding the matter. I lost my job ~5 years ago and been freelancing ever sine. But... When a person starts a hobby project without being asked to do so and does it free of charge for everybody to use it free of charge, such a person can't expect to be paid by everybody/anybody using his work. Since the work is done not for living, but for some other reason(s).


If such a person, for some reason, is no longer able to develop/distribute his work free of charge (as it was from the day one), then IMO such a person should stop the development instead of asking to be paid.


Anyway, most (if not all) of the tools included in the disk are free Linux tools available separately, so no big deal. I would agree to pay for a PartedMagic CD (like one could buy Ubuntu DVD or download it free of charge), but surely not for downloading it.


Sure, who I'm to judge, it's his own work  and it's up to him to decide its destiny.

From Phoronix:

However, sadly many open-source fans do have issues with funding open-source causes for whatever reason, so if you do, you can still find the Parted Magic ISOs that are no cost for download via the project's SourceForge.


Not true. If you go to SourceForge all you can download is a readme:



Get Parted Magic here: https://partedmagic.com/downloads



You find no download link at https://partedmagic.com/downloads


Now again I have no problem donating US$4.99, but many simply don't have a credit card.


Now again I have no problem donating US$4.99, but many simply don't have a credit card.

Or even a debit card.


Not true. If you go to SourceForge all you can download is a readme:

ISO images (older versions) at least were available to download few maths ago. Now even these are not free.


I seems like a road downhill.

sad news i think , this distro is an invaluable asset to my work

but i guess there are a lot of ways to monetize open-source software, well i agreed with Alessandro17 and 314r2 i don't really think this is the best solution. ( still i would gladly buy it of course 5 bucks isn't going to hurt anyone's bank account not even someone in under-development countries like me)

Exactly. A conspicuous "donate" button is a better solution, IMO. I know, not many people donate willingly, but even fewer pay for something which should be free.

Nothing is paid here at IM and nobody has got rich from it (except maybe for the original owner), but that is not why IM exists: do not mix up open source projects with money, it never ends well (and I have about 11 years experience with open source).

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Once again I was right (I wish I weren't actually). Since it became paid there haven't been any new releases (once Parted Magic used to release very often) and it is going into oblivion, at last judging by DistroWatch Page Hit Ranking: No. 92!!!


R.I.P. Parted Magic. We will miss you, but OTOH there are many other great Linux LiveCDs/DVDs

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By any means boycott it. A year subscription costs $49 and recently it is quite buggy. I use Linux Mint Cinammon which comes with GParted. Else you could even buy a commercial utility, like Acronis Disk Director. Same price as Parted Magic, but with support and it works all the time.

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