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Just a Q: I like having a on-default bootloader, so I use rEFIt on my iMac to select my Windows and Mac partitions without having to hold option (which is flakey because I use a non-standard keyboard).


Is it working in 10.7?

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I had to format my disk to install 10.7 Lion on my harddrive cause it needs the GUID partition table. So I also had to reinstall rEFIt 0.14.


It works absolutely fine (of course it still needs to be booted twice to show up)!


Got my Mac OS X/Ubuntu Dualboot running smoothly again.






PS: In case you need to reinstall Ubuntu, I would start with the 10.04 Version as it seems to have all the needed drivers. As soon as Ubuntu is installed, the upgrade is no problem.

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It works fine on my first gen MacBook Air. I have it installed on a separate 1GB (wouldn't let me make it any smaller) partition on it's own. This prevents from having to install every time I upgrade my OS. Just remember to bless the partition that it is installed on to prevent any boot delays.

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