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  1. I got the problem resolved by editing my config.plist. Thanks for taking the time to help anyways.
  2. Yup. That, and I add the Aptio Memory fix thing as the wont get past the "Boot UUID is:" Prompt". Also, Now it's Panicing and giving me the dreaded "Can not find a driver for this platform", ACPI Error. I tired remaking the install media and tried diferent versions of Clover. I'm at a loss. I know someone else got this board to work. I've tried editing my SMBIOS to say it's a iMac15,1, as thats the closest thing to my hardware I have. That didn't work either.
  3. Hey all. Disclaimer: This is not, by far, my first time trying to create a Hackintosh. Been around since the Tiger days. I currently have Yosemite installed on my HP EliteBook 8470p, I also own quite a few older PPC Macs. To the issue at hand: I can't quite seem to get the newest (3202) Clover to boot the installer correctly from USB. If I boot normally I get the "Waiting on ...IOProviderClass...boot-uuid-media" error. I understand this means the system hangs due to it not seeing any root boot device. I have tried putting GenericUSBXHCI.kext in the 10.10 folder in the EFI partition to no avail. If I boot without injected kexts it boots to the point where it exits verbose mode and hangs on a grey screen with the spinner. This is due to FakeSMC not being loaded AFAIK. (Due to Clover not actually injecting kexts, as the option states) Specs: Maximus VII Hero i5-4690k R9 280X 8GB DDR3 1600 I know people got it to work around the web using Chameleon but I want to be able to have a more "native" approach with Clover (Recovery Partition, and all the extra stuff that Clover does, not to mention it being a UEFI boot manager) instead of enabling CSM + UEFI. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hey, I would like a dsdt for my HP Compaq dc7800 CMT. I don't know what you need so I attached my dsl and aml and a link to the quickspecs. I would like to remove the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and whatever optimisations I can get from a dsdt file. (And if I can get Audio Out through HDMI, that would be great, not really needed though [Radeon HD 5770]). Thanks. DSDT dc7800.zip
  5. With a little work, you can find out what CPU's you laptop supports. Just look up the model's specs and usually the manual will list the CPU's it can use. BIOS updates sometimes enables more to be used. Then, cross reference that list with CPU's on Wikipedia to find out which ones suport VT-x. (in wikipedia, search for ((i.e.)) "list of core 2 duo microprocessors", replace the underlined words with you CPU family). Then after you find on you want, search on the internet to get one online or write it down and go to the nearest computer shop. One more thing, make sure the laptop actually CAN enable VT-x in the BIOS. If not, get a Vanilla capable CPU for OS X if your laptops Hardware is compatible.
  6. Does your bootloader list "System Reserved"? If so, try booting that. Windows 7 puts the bootmgr on that partition and I think Windows 8 does too.
  7. ifrit05

    Paying $50 to make my graphic card working properly

    What is your native resolution? And what version OS X? Just read post #20 and follow the instructions. If you need more help I can try, but I don't have that GPU.
  8. ifrit05

    XFX Radeon HD 6770

    Hey all. I've tried to edit the BIOS on this card but Windows won't recognize it afterwards. I used RBE to change the card to a 5770 with ATI vender id (1002), flashed, and rebooted but Windows refuses to use any drivers for it (I wiped the drivers and such with Driver Sweeper before hand). Any help would be appreciated. (Or an alternate way to get this card to work with OS X without flashing) EDIT: 10.7.2 fails to boot completely. Something about AudioAUUC.kext (I'm guessing something about HDMI Audio?) I flashed it back to a 6770, and have chimera (1.7) setting the resolution to native 1600x900 but still no QE/CI. UPDATE: I went ahead and flashed an XFX ATi Radeon HD 5770 BIOS from TechPowerUp's GPU Database and now Mac AND Windows properly recognizes it as a Radeon HD 5770 GPU and QE/CI WORKS! Windows uses the AMD Drivers and no problems there either. My 6th Hacintosh build is complete!
  9. ifrit05


    You do realize your asking for a lot, right? Have you tried to see if the game can be ran under WINE or Crossover Games?
  10. ifrit05

    10.6.8 won't boot

    Boot into safe mode and check your logs in Console.app. That should be a good start.
  11. ifrit05

    How to Unstretch the Chameleon Boot Screen

    No, I was like "Ahhh balls, oh well." Lol. I think I'm just going to flash a hex moded BIOS to my card. I have the BIOS but I'm kinda being lazy about actually flashing it.
  12. That google search link points to guides for Lion, which STILL requires you to have VT-x supported/enabled (due to it being a 64-bit OS). Tiger and Leopard are the only ones that you can try if you don't have VT-x.
  13. ifrit05

    How to Unstretch the Chameleon Boot Screen

    I tried this a while ago and the md5 matched but it hung at "Boot0 Unstretch" or something like that and never actually booted into chameleon. Tried it with a GeForce 8400GS with a LCD monitor through DVI.
  14. ifrit05

    laptop keyboard not working

    You need the VoodooPS2 Trackpad kexts, which can be found here.
  15. ifrit05

    Restoring Rosetta into Lion?

    No, it wouldn't be possible, the frameworks and other things needed for Rosetta are completely striped from Lion. Stay with SL if you need to run PPC apps. PS. This should be in the Mac OS X subforum under Apple World.