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  1. rEFIt?

    Heya, Just a Q: I like having a on-default bootloader, so I use rEFIt on my iMac to select my Windows and Mac partitions without having to hold option (which is flakey because I use a non-standard keyboard). Is it working in 10.7?
  2. FS/T: Hackintosh Dell Mini 10v - 250$ - EDIT: SOLD!

    Dropping Price to 250$. US buyers only please.
  3. FS/T: Hackintosh Dell Mini 10v - 250$ - EDIT: SOLD!

    Dropping Price to 300$.
  4. Hello, I have a Dell Mini 10v, red top with an Apple sticker covering up that terrible dell logo. It's a perfect Hackintosh laptop. I bought it refurb earlier this year. I've kitted out with 2 gigs of RAM, an external Bluetooth adapter, two AC Adapters, a wired mouse, laptop sleeve and an 8 gig flash drive for installation of Mac OS X 10.6. All original Windows XP disks are included, though I can't tell you why in the world Dell gave them to me. I would like a bit larger of an computer, something I can run Ubunutu and do some light WoW playing with WINE. Asking 350$ for the whole package, but if you have a laptop that meets that requirement I would consider a trade.
  5. Frustration with Apple

    Thank you all for your replies. I'm not sure what I want to do now - the new intro iMac and high-end Mac Mini both have 4 gigs of RAM, fairly beefy processors and the 9400m, which I'm being given conflicting reports as to it's performance in my drug of choice. I wish someone at the Apple store would let me install and try it. I think I'm gonna just tuck money away - I don't think my Core Duo will lose any significant value given there were no price drops, so I think I'll just hold tight till the Holidays are over and maybe there'll be something else at MWSF. Anyway, thank you for your info. With it, I'm confident we can make a good decision. My brother is an experienced system builder and I trust his judgement on quality parts, which he can get from a distributor at rather insane prices, but his machines are often business and he and I are not graphics cards people, so that's really our only hang up.
  6. Frustration with Apple

    Thanks for your reply. It's not so much that I drool for hyper performance or would reject a disguised laptop (I've owned 5 iMacs, from Bondi to my Core Duo, and have loved all of them). My iMacs have never failed me. Except the G5/Intel's Hard Drive problems. Rant: Seriously, these hard drives are made to run horizontal, why insist they run vertically? Can't we go back to the iMac G4 design, with a gorgeous floating screen and drives mounted vertically? My big problem is simply that the current crop of them has very lousy video options for my #1 non-basic computer task, gaming. Right now, my current system is fine. I get 35 (I cap at 30 for cooling) even in busy segments. Any serious slowdowns are all attributable to network traffic (WoW players I know will understand the insanity of Dalaran). But I see points (Onyxia Whelps on 25 man) where a lot is going on and it slows down. Not to a crawl, still playable.... but I see it. And next year (and I bet it'll be relatively early next year), the next big expansion launches and it's going to just crank the graphics further. Plus, crazy thing: I'd really like to try some other games. So there I stand. I'm not doing anything until the long-rumored big update to Apple's consumer machines happens. If the big update is not so big, or if the low end remains hijacked by intergated video, I'll go ahead and start building. My brother is a technician and expert builder and he's chomping at the bit to get a project going (especially where he gets the fun of building, and none of the emptying of his own wallet). Now, I think I found the mobo (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128358), but I must admit to knowing jack about Graphics Cards. I don't know how their numbering systems work, and if a 9400 is better then a 120T or anything else. I've been told nVidia is pretty much the default company now-a-days. Any suggestions? I think I'm looking in the 100$ range. Also, for networking: I assume onboard network doesn't work often, so would a wireless card be in order? As I understand it, my processor, hard drive, memory, case, ect don't have any real impact in a build, and my brother as a reseller can get these at cost, so I just really need the two or three big parts. Again, thank you for your help.
  7. So let me vent for a moment: I want to have a computer that will play WoW with 45 fPS or better. I want a dedicated graphics card or an integrated with it's own memory. I want a Mac. Is that such an insane request? Right now, on apple's site, the cheapest computer with a dedicated graphics card starts at 1500$. I say again, FIFTEEN, HUNDRED, DOLLARS. If I want a laptop, add another 500$. This... is brutal. I'm frustrated to no end. I just want an iMac that won't suck any more then my current Core Duo with x1600 and nothing exists in Apple's selection base that doesn't look like a down payment on a car. And the used markets frustrate me with confusing model designations and a glut of low end models. What do we need to do? Blizzard has infinitely more leverage with Apple then any of us. They need to lean on Apple to push better graphics into so-called consumer machines. Right now, according to everything I've read, it is not worth it to even consider upgrading until I can afford a nearly 1500$ computer. I'm really frustrated as to what to do, and honestly, building an 800$ gaming PC with Hackintosh-approved parts is seeming blindingly clear right now. What would be the first steps to doing this?
  8. Thank you both for your kind and detailed replies! I understand what you're saying, and my brother agreed with all of your statements. I'm pleased the board is a good value, and I'm budgeting myself to see what I can do. I would like to try one for "resale" if nothing else. He is getting more and more request from clients to investigate hackintosh systems, but his boss is steadfast against it (not because it's against the Agreement, but because he hates Apple products). And with my iMac aging, I keep on coming back that it might be a good idea.
  9. Could someone well-versed take a look at this Barebones kit sold by Circuit City (ha) and give me an idea of what kind of box it might be, and if the board is more-or-less compatable? My brother is an experienced system builder and is eager to do a Hackintosh project, while I'm chugging on a Dual core iMac which is not keeping up to my #1 task: Playing World of Warcraft. if this is not going to fit the bill, could anyone suggest a soild board/GPU combo that'll give me Windowed Mode WoW at a high resolution with high graphics settings?