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  1. rEFIt?

    I had to format my disk to install 10.7 Lion on my harddrive cause it needs the GUID partition table. So I also had to reinstall rEFIt 0.14. It works absolutely fine (of course it still needs to be booted twice to show up)! Got my Mac OS X/Ubuntu Dualboot running smoothly again. Greetz, indy PS: In case you need to reinstall Ubuntu, I would start with the 10.04 Version as it seems to have all the needed drivers. As soon as Ubuntu is installed, the upgrade is no problem.
  2. Lion to dvd?

    I burned mine to a 4.7GB DVD-R, works fine. I didn't anything else than the .dmg.
  3. Does anyone know if there'll be a rEFIt version that works with OS X Lion anytime soon? Would love to get my dualboot with Ubuntu running again.
  4. Lion to dvd?

    Yes, it's possible to burn the .dmg to dvd. When you've downloaded the Lion Intstallation App, go to the Finder, right click the app and choose "show package contents". I can't recall the exact folder it is in, it's something like "Sharedsomething". You'll find the .dmg in there. I burned the .dmg myself and it boots fine via dvd.