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Mounting partition "WINDOWS_NT" problem


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The strange thing here is that OS X detects one of my partitions as type "WINDOWS_NT" not "Windows NT Filesystem" (will post screenshot as soon as I get back into OS X). I am unable to mount it, hitting the Mount button in Disk Utility doesn't even return an error, and it is not corrupted because Windows sees and reads it fine. Would this happen to do with anything about permissions in XP? I only allow Administrators (I'm the only user) to see and read it, not Everyone, and for the C:, the drive that OS X can see and read, it seems all checkboxes for Everyone are not checked.


Without this partition, OS X is pretty useless to use for me for almost any reason (including Reason, my Refills are on the D: partition).


Also, I left about 9GB at the end of my drive unallocated, is there any program that will support moving the OS X partition to the end so I can give the 9GB back to my D: drive (I know Partition Magic doesn't seem to want to)?

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Is you XP partition basic or dynamic? For some reason, I had an issue mounting a dynamic disc.


To resolve, I backed up the drive, converted it to a basic and could access it fine after that.



Try this;


In terminal navigate to /var/log


Type the following: tail -f system.log


Also, in another terminal navigate to /var/log


And type: tail -f asl.log


(tail -f lets you monitor logs in real-time)


Then, try to mount the drive with disk utility. You may also try the mount command. To use, in a terminal, type: man mount – this will give instruction as to how to use mount command.


Use ctl+c to exit



Post the results from your tails please.

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HI All I'm having the exact same problems.


I tried following the Tail directions but could not get that to work.


Funny thing is, the partition I want to mount used to work OK but then I changed the size of the [now] non-workable partition using Acronis Disk Director 10 and now have the same issue.


Attached pics: Mountable partition and Unmountable parition screenshots from Disk Utility



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