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Ali Zaid

from ferrari 4005 to MacBook Pro, should I?

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I'm intending to switch to Mac, after using a mac in my office to do some development work, I relized that this is the OS I should use , anyway, I will still have to have windows (for gamming ), anyway...


I need to know if anyone have an idea if I replace my current Ferrari 4005 with a MacBook Pro 17", if I'm switching to better or worse? I know that I will not feel much differnce doing coding work, but what about graphics works (photoshop, 3D and so) and what about gamming (under windows), am I goign to notice a +/-?


Another question would be, how much of a difference between core due and core 2 due, should I wait for the later, specially I read that even when released, the chipset will not be ready.


I appreciate your comments.Thanks!

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It seems that you already have a really nice laptop. If you don't need to run a legal version of osx right away I don't think you would really lose too much for waiting for core 2 duos.

The really advantage of core 2 duo would be the 64 bit support... which im sure you would notice in photoshop and other 3d work.


Video Card wise the mac book pro has a x1600 while your laptop has a x700... i believe. And in any benchmark the x1600 would beat a x700.



Overall I would suggest buy a macbook pro now if you need to run osx legally right away... if you can wait some time then buy it with the core 2 duos.

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But tell me, from what I heard even when the merom processor is out, the chipset will be delayed till next year, how much of an effect is this? performance wise, and what do usually apple offer for upgrades?


Ferrari is a cool machine, and I really feel sorry if I have to sell it, specially mine, unfortunatily, I wanted to install MacOSX, just to fully get used to till I buy a Mac (eventually I will do it), but it doesn't install at all.


Thanks again!

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Hi again;


I have decided I will buy a MacBook Pro 17" as soon as the merom mac hit the market, I have spent sometime with mac that convenced me that I waisted so much time in my life not using mac osx, to be honest, I installed it as a vm on my computer and installed some stuff of my work on it, and discovered that it has the best work flow ever!!!


Thanks for the people that helped me make my decission

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