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EFI Architecture = EFI? and other questions!

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Hey guys,


I just ordered this Laptop http://www.mitac.dk/w.asp?s=inc&i=1&am...=121&p=true which hopefully is 100% supported by MacOS (LAN is Intel 1GBit, WLAN is Atheros Mini PCIE not 3945ABG Intel, Audio Azalia ALC883)


Since I have to wait for 1-2 weeks I asked myself if "EFI Architecture, 512KB Flash EPROM (TBD), include System BIOS, Plug &Play capability ACPI 2.0 & 2.3 compliant" means, that this Laptop supports EFI and has a BIOS-EFI-Plugin.


The other way round: Do you think there is a chance for, lets say the X1600-drivers, to work out-of-the-box (or at least with just DevID adding)


Also, if it is EFI capable, whats about the Darwin-Boot-Loader, do I still need it.


And, since I got a Yonah-CPU do I need the patched 10.4.4 Kernel (why do we use it? Because of beeing the last one supported by Darwin-Boot-Loader or just because of the missing calls/functions for all x86 CPU's except for yonah??)


Maybe you can help me find some answers to these questions. And I know, that I could just wait and try it out myself - but 2 weeks can be soooooo damn long....




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