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  1. @Luan Eduardo its good to hear you finally getting somewhere. happy patching and good luck (as for the airport card I'd recommend to use the original MacBook Air card..)
  2. if I had had the chance to do that I would not have posted the pictures above
  3. This is my new Macmini8,1 config. Missing SMBIOS values are: FirmwareFeatures FirmwareFeaturesMask PlatformFeature BiosVersion I did add values in SSDT-2-A M I to match the original Macmini8,1 such as graphic-options AAPL,gray-value AAPL,gray-page AAPL,GfxYTile AAPL,ig-platform-id I also did remove Whatevergreen.kext. BIOS is still F5 (settings are unchanged from my previous post). The original Macmini8,1 was running 10.14.1 (18B75) with ig-platform-id 0x3e9b0007. CLOVER.zip
  4. We should probably wait for the new Mac Mini 2018 macOS build as it uses HDMI 2.0 and DP while featuring the exact same desktop coffee lake cpus that we're using. currently downloading 10.14.1 build 18B2107 from apple to see if there is something of interest in there..
  5. bios f5 settings @Luan Eduardo bios_set_f5
  6. I‘ll post my bios config for this setup early next week as I am not @home right now..
  7. F5 btw: not sure if CodecCommander and WhateverGreen is needed – going to check on that next week Edit: Forgot to say that I'm using an original Apple BCM94360CS2 WiFi/BT card via a NGFF adapter..
  8. Hi @Luan Eduardo please find my clover folder attached – I set up everything to use as little patching as possible. DP and secondary eth work (needs modded FakePCIID_Intel_GbX.kext + SmallTreeIntel82576.kext) – running in dual-4k@60hz over here. Also added ig-platform-id through ssdt-2 and some cosmetics (built-ins, device names etc). Also all USB ports, including the front USB3.0 ones, work as expected. Credits to @MaLd0n for the initial patched dsdt-version. CLOVER.zip
  9. TheMaxx32000

    Verkaufe Intel BadAxe2 D975XBX2

    Eben, 4 statt 8 SATA und bulk, also nacktes Board ohne OVP, Kabel, Blenden, CDs usw... Und dann doch noch 140€ - happig!
  10. TheMaxx32000

    Verkaufe Intel BadAxe2 D975XBX2

    Keiner interesse an dem Board? Habe auch Referenzen bei eBay und im forumdeluxx, bitte einfach melden, soweit Interesse besteht
  11. TheMaxx32000

    Verkaufe Intel BadAxe2 D975XBX2

    Ja, wie der Titel schon sagt... Ich biete es mal hier an, da ich es wegen maximaler Kompatibilität zu OS X gekauft habe. Leo und Tiger sind erfolgreich getestet, aber das kann man ja überall nachlesen. Neupreis um und bei 160€ http://www.heise.de/preisvergleich/a227068.html Ich möchte für das Board inkl. Versand, mit Rechnung und allem Zubehör 110€ haben, bei Interesse bitte melden!
  12. TheMaxx32000

    Sigmatel 9228 + AppleHDAPatcher

    combined-jack problem... NodeID's are set incorrectly for combined-jacks. Thats why you can add NodeID's for line-out, hp, speaker, mic and line in und you will have 5 devices showing up, but in vista there are only 2? or 3?... So, the right combination is needed here, and I was too lazy to figure it out, since wireless does not work in my M1330 with original Apple AR5008X card
  13. TheMaxx32000

    Not Radeon.efi - the other one...

    @Kiko I am also looking for ICH8-M AHCI efi-module.... @phee Nom Tracks I'll look it up, thanks for wanting to help
  14. TheMaxx32000

    Not Radeon.efi - the other one...

    Hey, just wondered if someone got his hands on the UGA driver of the new MBP (8600M GT)?!