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I have enable Sata on ati sb450 simply by adding the string to AppleVIAATA.kext/Contents/info.plist as follow





<key>Hardware Name</key>

<string>8237 SATA</string>




<string>0x31491106 0x00e310de 0x005410de

0x43791002 0x005510de</string>





<key>Serial ATA</key>





0x43791002 are the string to add to your AppleVIAATA.kext in order to make sata work.


the 0xxxx10de are only for nvidia and 0xxxx1106 only for VIA.


there's no need to remove nothing. Simply add your string ( in my case 0x43791002 for ati sb450 )


If jas was able to add this in the boot driver of the install dvd the system should start from SATA by detecting correctly the SATA drive.


I don't know the other sbxxx string but you can simply go with xp to check your details in system properties, check the vendor ( 1002 for ati ) and the id ( 4379 for sb450 sata )


Always rember to repairpermission with diskutil for the file you edit and always remove kextcahce and mkext before restart.

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forget to mention that only first 2 channel are working atm. Hope to make the other work too.


WoW Great to know that.

For the other two channel, did you try to add 0x43761002 together with 0x43791002?

And which DVD release you used?


I am wondering if we can extract AppleVIAATA.kext from the .iso, modify it, and then send it back before burn DVD. Anybody has this experience? Thanks

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The exact same steps work on the SB400 chipset.


They may share the same S-ATA controller: when I googled to try and find the SB400's identifier string it turned up this page, where only the SB400 is listed (ATA_ATI_IXP400_S1 this is the exact string).


Thanks diegoo, you fixed two chipsets at once :)

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Just a question about this...I currently have a MSI rs482m4 botherboard and am trying to install osx 10.4.7. I have 2 SATA drives installed. When it boots into the installer no drives are listed in the system profiler. I'm just wondering how you would go about performing this at the time of install since I can't get it installed without performing this hack. My system specs are:



ATHLON 4400 X2



2x250gb hd

If I need another version of osx let me know.

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