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Update to RC5 in EFI partition

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Oi Gringo.

Legal, mas esse é o binario da versão 750 né?

Não existe mais recente?

O Fabio me recomendou a 752.


é necessário instalar todo esse procedimento como o Fabio comentou?


I like patch/edit the .plist file into the System/Library/Extensions (so.. no need dummy .kext in extra/Extensions)

Yukon2 (needed for P6T Deluxe v1/v2 & P6TD Deluxe)


>> Replace the plist with this <<




>> Replace the plist with this <<




>> Replace the plist with this <<


JMicronATA (needed for P6T & P6T SE)


>> Replace the plist with this <<


How binpatch AppleHDA from terminal:

- AD2000B (P6T Deluxe v1/v2 P6TD Deluxe) also need a "legacy.kext" file in /Extra/Extensions >> AD2000B <<

sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x8b\x19\xd4\x11|\x9b\x98\xd4\x11|g' /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleHDA


- ALC1200 (P6T & P6T SE) also need a "legacy.kext" file in /Extra/Extensions >> ALC1200 <<

sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x85\x08\xec\x10|\x88\x08\xec\x10|g' /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleHDA


Outra dúvida. Acabei instalando a versão .pkg no Hd do sistema, como eu desinstalo?


Desculpe por tantas perguntas.


Muito obrigado pela ajuda!!!



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I am not familiar with your hardware, I can't say what's needed and what's not. But I have no reason to doubt Fabio.


Trunk r750 should be fine for you, If I'm reading it right it looks like only some compiler warnings got fixed in the latest revision.


If you're not happy with that you can always pull the latest source from SVN and compile it yourself, compiling Chameleon is easy.


Install Xcode 3 - it's free but you need to register at the Apple developer site.

Run Terminal and type svn co http://forge.voodooprojects.org/svn/chameleon

Wait for the source code to download

Compile trunk or the branch you want to use - just open the xcode project file and click build.

Binaries will be built in /sym/i386 inside the folder of the version you chose.

Whenever you want to download the latest source code, cd to the Chameleon source folder and type svn update.


No mystery.


About your last question, I have no idea what .pkg you are talking about so I can't comment on that.

/EDIT I get it, you must be talking about a Chameleon installer? You don't uninstall Chameleon, you install the latest version on top of your existing version.

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I have no idea, I compile Chameleon myself.


Latest svn trunk version build, compiled ~15 minutes ago:




Chameleon should show the revision number - something is wrong with your installation. It's possible something is left over from a previous installation. This can happen if you previously had Chameleon installed to somewhere else than where you are installing it now. Or if you are doing something wrong while installing it.


Note that Chameleon itself consists only of three files, if you are following my installation instructions at the link posted above, those are boot1h, boot0 and boot.

Also note that if you are upgrading an existing installation you should of course skip the step that initializes the EFI partition, otherwise you will lose your /Extra folder and everything in it.

If you're upgrading an existing installation, all you need to do is mount the EFI partition, install the three files, unmount the EFI partition and reboot.

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Get rid of what? Be more specific please, remember I can't see what you're seeing.


I don't use the prefpane (or Lizard), I don't know how they work, sorry. You can probably still use them just fine with r755.


"boot" should now be overwritten with the new version if you have copied the new version to the root of your EFI partition as per the instructions.


If you have a file named "boot" at the root of your system partition, then you can delete it.

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I can't say because I don't know what you did.


If you did this: newfs_hfs -v EFI /dev/disk0s1 then there is no "Extra" folder on your EFI partition (this folder holds the Chameleon configuration files, theme, etc) and you probably won't be able to boot at all.


If you previously have been using "Extra" at the root of your system drive, you need to move that folder to your EFI partition now.


I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "installed your i386 folder"?

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