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vinyl wraped dv9000 matte white


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Hey as im sure none of you know i am a keen graphic designer sticker enthusiast type thing.

so it was only a matter of time before i thought about what i should do with the dv9000s exterior.

for me there was only one option. find a vinal sheet with the same white matte sheen that mac

books have. once i had found it, (google MDP suplies if your interested) the roll arived yesterday.

it took me the best part of a day to wrap the complex shapes and remove the air bubles. for

best results i should have taken the laptop apart and wraped the panels individually as that

would have allowed me to have neeter seams around the edges, so that is what i will be doing soon

but for now, here is the results.


Also just to note that the quick play touch screen buttons glow blue through the wrap when the

laptop is turned on and are fully functional so they are invisible when off and visible when the laptop

is on. even the trackpad worked with the wrap on but i didnt like the feel of it









In future i will look into printable vinal wrap so i can make skins for laptops of the mac kind, maybe some swirly graphics around an apple i dont know really. also if there are any artists on here maybe we can make a insanely mac collection of skins for people to buy and apply.


Also if anyone wants something like this done to thier mac, i do this for the love of it and wont ask more then £30 to do it, thats £25 material cost


One last thing. i am a new user so i am posting this here

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I'm a full-time graphic designer and can probably help.


Although I've been tied up between work stuff, and research/development for the rear I/O project in the other thread... I can provide design crits/feedback.

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thanks zammykoo nice to meet you. im actually an art student at university but im more digital then painter. i was thinking of doing some simple designs to start with, i will get to work tomorrow, its a bit late for me now. i will let you know when i have something to show.

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thank you. you should see my latest mod. "apple glow mod"


also i am starting again with this laptop, getting some wood grain vinyl wrap for the lid and biege gloss inside. im going a bit retro with this one. i still have the matte white but its not my style.

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