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Help with MB Audio Pinouts

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Ok im trying to connect my front audio to the mb on my Thermaltake Tsuami case but im not sure which pin goes to which one on the motherboard... and i dont want to fry it! could someone take a look at this and tell me what do do? :)


Here is the pinout of the connector from the front panel


1. LINE_OUT R	   EAR R (Red)
2. LINE_IN R		Return R (WHite)
3. LINE_OUT L	   EAR L (Green)
4. LINEIN L		 Return L (Yellow)
5. MIC			  MIC IN  (Red)
6. MIC PWR		  MIC VCC or MICBIAS (White)
7. GROUND		   GROUND (Black)


Below is the layout of the Motherboard


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doesnt the tsunami case have lables on their pins? If not the only thing you can do is trace the cables back to the audio ports ont he fornt and connect them up, you wont fry anything as long as you connect the audio plugs to tthe audio pins, i have had this problem with my sonata case and its firewire plug, it was completley diffetnt to the one ont he motherboard, so i had to make amy own adaptor for it

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