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Recommendations for pc upgrade

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Alright.... I built my pc over a year ago and have been perfectly content until I started my new job and started to get some lagging in photoshop and running my windows-7 VM using vmware fusion. I really dont know which would benefit me most, and need some experts to way in.


The "Problems":

Working on large documents in photoshop and moving them around shows noticeable jerkiness. Moving an object by holding down the arrows can become unresponsive (as in it keeps moving even after releasing the key).


Windows-7, under vmware, takes a while before becoming responsive enough to pull up internet explorer etc... I load it using the bootcamp option, as it is installed on a secondary harddrive. I really only use the vm to check my css and fonts in IE and other browsers.


I might like to start transcoding videos using handbrake. Not sure how handbrake uses opencl or if any speed increase would be seen from upgrading video cards.


Current Setup

OS: Snow leopard

MB: EVGA 121-***** (cant remember) x58 lga 1366

CPU: i7 920 default clock speed

ram: 6gb (3x3gb) ddr3 1600mhz cas-8

VC: 8600gt 512mb ram

HD1: 1tb 7200rpm 32mb cache with Snow Leo

HD2: 320gb 7200rpm (dont know cache) with Win. 7

software: Ive hacked my dsdt and have sleep working, speed-step, etc.. working. The only kexts I use are voodoohda, fakesmc, and iohciblockstorageinjector.



Where would I see the most beneft for upgrading my pc? HD, VC, or Ram? I might consider doing two upgrades, my budget is between ~$130 - $300.

Keep in mind, I dont game, just mainly web development and design with the cs5 suite, with occasional video editing. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hmm... now that I look, its only 1024mb and 1 processor core. I guess that got carried over from my other vm. I forgot to mention I also run ubuntu server (no gui) for running apache/mysql/php, cause I didnt want all that running 24/7 on snow leopard. Should I bump up the W7 memory allocation or # of cores? If so, how much?

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