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Unreasonably slow response when choosing "Show Info"


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Been running OSX on my PC for a month or so and it's really cool! Got QE & CI +Lan +Sound all thanks to MacGirl and other's like her! My next computer is definitly going to be a Mac. However, since upgrading to 10.4.6, I'm running into a little problem, one i haven't seen on the forums;


Ever since installing 10.4.6 upgrade patch, I get a 2-4 minute wait / hang whenever I select "Get Info" on a file or disk, no matter the type or size. While this happens Finder is useless and after a few minutes, eventually it shows the info and catches up, but it's pretty frustrating and didn't happen on 10.4.5.


Anyone else experience this? Any possible solutions?


Thanks to everyone for making this site so great! I hope to contribute more!




i'm running 10.4.6 with an AMD 3000+ CPU on an A8N-E (Nforce) motherboard with ATA drives (not SATA) and 1.5GB RAM. Any help is appreciated!

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