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  1. hi all! i'm encountering some bizarre booting problems while installing osx 10.4.6 (hotiso) to my second machine, which is amd64 2800+, msi k8m neo-v, 512mb. i've installed osx86 twice previously (and gotten most of it working, too), so i'm (slightly) familiar with some intricacies and problems that are encountered during the process. the package i'm using (osx86 10.4.6, hotiso) is operational on one of my machines (sempron 2500, msi k8mm-v, 512mb etc) here's what's happening. via acronis, i had created a 6gb partition of AF type (which acronis calls shagOS swap) and set it as active. later, booting from the hotiso dvd, install went smoothly, utilizing sse2+other patches and all. additionally, i'd copied chain0 (from the nedprod.com tutorial that's listed at wiki.osx86project.org) into c:\ and suitably edited c:\boot.ini now, unfortunately, while the xp bootloader does list the option of booting to osx, selecting that option displays "chain booting error." however, when i set the hfs+ partition as active (via diskpart, acronis or the fdisk-from-the-install-dvd), the system starts, and a message declaring a missing operating system comes up. this probably means darwin itself is missing :-( any clues as to what's happening? and how to fix it? can only darwin be reinstalled? btw, i can peek into the hfs+ volume using macdrive. thanks, -tsa p.s. as advised by the nedprod tute, the hfs+ partition is primary, and has only the c:\ (containing xp) before it.
  2. Install on a AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-52?

    the exact words from the pm exchange about this were: "...all bios that have SATA support have an option to enable IDE emulating, what sould for sure make things easier with MacOS and SATA. I think that our big problem is really make SATA working on our notebooks..."
  3. Install on a AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-52?

    i too have an hp laptop, but it's a series 6 (dv6110) pavilion. tl-50, geforce 6150, 1gb ram, 100gb hdd (sata.) the problems i faced during a "direct install" i.e. booting off the 10.4.6 HOTiSO (very similar to JAS) dvd were: 1. non-detection of the keyboard and trackpad. booting with the -v (verbose) option shows "no message received from ps2 keyboard and mouse. timed out." did / see if you get this too... 2. on attaching a usb keyboard and mouse, the system would scream "error" and need a reboot. anyway, some searching and pm'ing, the larger problem became evident. that the combination of nforce4 chipset and sata on this laptop doesn't help/allow in the installation of OSX. we're stuck with whatever preinstalled gunk hp inflicted. also, the current solutions for sata (on nforce4 etc) should be left alone, because they apparently result in data corruption. what's even more wonderful is that the bios is completely crippled. hardly any options exists beyond changing time and date. 'disabling' sata isn't allowed. oof, hp :-( btw, seen this horrifying thread? http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=57325 --- it has to do with severe keyboard problems being experienced on many hp notebooks...
  4. Unreasonably slow response when choosing "Show Info"

    [raises his hand] configuration: 10.4.6 from HOTiSO. AMD Sempron 2500, MSI K8-MMV, 512mb ram, 1 ATA drive.
  5. About This Mac Screenshots

    It's really strange, but when I select "About this Mac", I either get logged out, all applications are killed, the screen goes black for a second or two, and a solid-block-of-a-text-prompt comes. Then, "the system" (GUI) restarts, with the earlier running applications having vanished, as if I've just started the system. Have had OSX for three days now, btw. Installed using the 10.4.6 HOTiSO image. System: AMD Sempron 2500, ram 512. onboard lan (via rhine II) and on board audio (ac97) don't work (yet). But being logged out (if that's what it is) and back in is really strange. Any ideas? Thanks...