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really need some help guys.

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i have a custom pc i just built and im already running windows 7 ultimate x64.


i want to install snow leopard but i do not have a separate hdd or large enough dvd's to burn it to. id like to install on a 8gb flash drive and install side by side with my existing windows 7 install. all the guides i see have to use a large dual layer dvd. im not asking for download links but maybe a guide i can use based on my system and needs? yes i have been searching all morning too no avail.




8gb ddr3 ram

intel i5 760

gigabyte p55-usb3 v2 bios v9.

500gb hdd

nvidia geforce gts 450 with 1gb ram.


thank you in advance!

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At the top of each forum page is a search box powered by Google.


A quick search turns up these possibilities:


Convert .iso to flash drive file



[How To] Install OS X Leopard from a Flash drive



How to Install a distribution from a USB Flash Drive, For those without DVD


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