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  1. Lion Installation via DVD without any BootCD

    this isnt working at all for me. the dvd burned fine and after 10 minutes of booting i get to the install screen but have no keyboard or mouse operable. i even did the usbbusfix and no go here. been up all night trying this and 3 other guides to installing lion. im giving up and im back to windows. too many issues. good guide for your setup OP but it wont work for everyone.
  2. will this ati card work in snow leopard?

    thanks guys, im buying this on newegg right now.
  3. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    well im about to ditch the 450 and buy a fully supported ati xfx hd 5770. anyways i wanted to share what two users at tonymacx86 forum found as a fix for the fermi freeze on these cards. they claim hooking up dual monitors solved the issues and they have no more freeze. this may not be ideal for most but it's a start. good luck to you guys!
  4. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    have you not tried this yet? how would i go about modding the AGPM? the only other option i have is buying a ati 5770 to get my system 100%.
  5. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    im hoping the new drivers come out soon. i hate having to buy another card.
  6. will this ati card work in snow leopard?

    im asking because there are several different models for the 5770. this also needs to run in 10.6.7.
  7. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    on tonymacx86 a member suggested writing a script that will load on startup to keep the gpu running at maybe 1% to prevent the freeze. same as running the video in the background fix. can this be done?
  8. will this ati card work in snow leopard?

    ati 5770 is this card confirmed to work in 10.6.7?
  9. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    id like a status update on this fix the OP mentioned. this seems to be sorta a stalemate/dead issue right now. if i cannot find a solution i will have to purchase another gpu this week.
  10. gts 450 freeze on snow leopard!

    don't you think i already did that!
  11. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    ive been told the gts 450 works fine with the lion install. i may give it a go. does anyone know if it's stable enough to run yet? seems like a difficult install to take on.
  12. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    no reason to be rude to me as i was trying to give ideas. im not talking about overclocking the fan. i meant if you bump the voltage up you will need to increase your fans speed to compensate for the higher voltage to keep it running cool. im not a noob when it comes to computers. i do not see why my solution would not work, if running a video in the background fixes this issue then so should my theory. as of now it seems there is no possible fixes until nvidia gets off their rears and updates the driver. it's a shame too because my osx install is flawless aside from the crashes. as of now i cannot run it as my daily driver until this gets fixed properly. so the nvidia drivers for lion could fix our issues? why hasn't it been posted anywhere yet to try?
  13. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    not trying to hijack this thread but i think i have an idea for a solution for the crashes on 10.6.7 with the gts 450 models. okay, most report no crashes if you play a low res video in vlc looping. this is becuase your gpu is using more power and clocking higher. the crash happenes when the card settles down then needs to become active again. in my bios i can change the voltage/clock speeds to have the card run at a set speed all the time. i went ahead and spent time in windows using gpuz to monitor my temps and voltage as i played several games and videos. the highest voltage i got was to 101mhz. in leopard this should be about the same readings. problem is there's no concrete solution to read gpu temps on this card within osx nor to be able to clock the fan speeds at all. " this only works in windows" with the evga precision tool. there are several programs out there that can allow you to modify your gpu rom bios files as far as voltage, fan speeds...etc. problem is i do not feel like being a guinea pig and destroy my card since i cannot monitor temps within osx. so i think the solution would be to set a stock voltage of at least 100mhz and overclock the fan speeds to compensate. it's either we do this or wait for nvidia to distribute updated drivers. im not sure if this is the "fix" the op has for his card but i think this idea would work for us, at least as a temp fix.
  14. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    seems like thats the issue. i read one thread where it suggests bumping up the pci express voltage to 101mhz. but i read thats unsafe? it seems to me if the card ran at a constant voltage it wouldn't crash the pc.
  15. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    i have a gts 450 with snow leopard and it occasionally freezes. id be willing to try anything at this point. please pm me on here.