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Firefox with native aqua widgets (Intel-only)


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If you've used Firefox for OS X or Linux for any length of time, you'd notice that all of the widgets (buttons, text fields, radio buttons, checkboxs, dropdowns...) are some really fugly greyscale stuff with dithered gradients. There are mods and stuff that can make them look better, but they're not native aqua, like the ones in camino. I stumbled upon this post by Pu7o: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=363099

I tried the both of the fixes in there, and then copied the forms.css from the 3rd reply. It made things the right size, but now there were rectangular focus rings on selected widgets. So, I tried the forms.css from the third page. Now there were no focus rings on the text inputs. :(

So, I went and edited the forms.css myself. Now the multiple lists were inset (sunk into the page) and there are focus rings on whichever widgets needs them (text inputs and and stuff). The only ones that look weird are <button></button> buttons, but then they're pretty useless, so you won't actually see them anywhere.

Many thanks to Pu7o for figuring all of this out.



Here's the link:





-This is an Intel-only build of Firefox with native Aqua widgets-


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

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