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    R.I.P Prawker

    Sometimes it's hard to remember that behind every user, noob, pro, or totally 1337, that there lies a human face; that is, until something like this happens. I never knew you too well, Prawker, but I didn't have to in order to understand your struggle. You will be remembered.
  2. GeeksHaveFeelings

    INSANELYMAC AWARDS--Favorite Moderator

    Hagar ftw, because he doesn't help anybody, kicks me when people get out of line, and makes fun of Britain. He also has a peculiar hatred of steak knives.
  3. GeeksHaveFeelings

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    3015? ~edit~ guess not, 3016
  4. Thanks, works wonderfully with my HIS X1950XT.
  5. GeeksHaveFeelings

    FIX for the Disk Utility bugs

    Just did an install, the thing wouldn't boot no matter what I did. I wiped it, applied the patch to the image, did a reinstall...well, it boots now. Still stuff to fix, drivers to add...but the patch did it, thanks.
  6. GeeksHaveFeelings

    Most addictive Mac games

    Darwinia. It's a british game nobody has ever heard of. It's not long, but highly fun, creative and addicting. http://www.darwinia.co.uk/
  7. GeeksHaveFeelings

    ATI's R600 has more than 500 million transistors

    And also, NV G80 has 700 million transistors. http://vr-zone.com/?i=4007 According to GPU Review, an 8800 will be out next month.
  8. GeeksHaveFeelings

    X-Chat Aqua 0.15.2 Universal Binary

    getting the PPC libxchatcommon.a is pretty easy by add -arch=ppc to cflags, but the glib is the hard part. Eventually I just built my own glib too.
  9. GeeksHaveFeelings

    I want XGL for my OSX

    xgl is just running x on opengl. OS X already has Quartz Extreme (the same QE that people come barging into the irc channel asking about :\) which is similar, but not quite the same. Nevertheless, now that coreanimation is coming, it should be pretty easy to add a cube effect to Spaces...assuming Apple wants to. And they might...but then how would you drag and drop windows? Besides the cubes, there's the wobbly, the transparency, and the expose...and OS X already has the latter two. Wobbly would look terrible with OS X. So basically, Apple needs to put in a cube effect in Spaces. But then everyone would accuse Apple of stealing from FOSS... ALSO: porting anything X-related is difficult. See wine and GIMP (ever tried?). Porting anything X-related and needs OpenGL is just about impossible. And in this case, it's also dependent on new X.Org features...so don't even think about it.
  10. GeeksHaveFeelings

    Firefox with native aqua widgets (Intel-only)

    oh, I see
  11. GeeksHaveFeelings

    Broadband Request....

    There's a thin grey line above the white apple...
  12. GeeksHaveFeelings

    Good Bye

  13. GeeksHaveFeelings

    ATI introduces 5 new video cards

    I would like to see nVidia cards in Macs as they have better OpenGL performance than ATI cards, and because ATI's drivers for Windows, Linux, and presumably OS X are half-assed, but ATI probably bought them out. NVidia cards consistently get better framerates than ATI on OpenGL-based games like Quake 4, and OS X only uses OpenGL for its graphics (Quartz Extreme is using OpenGL to do GUI drawing...that's why they can add more effects without slowing down the computer), so it should be a no-brainer. I'm guessing that OS X ATI drivers are probably not that optimized because Macs are still a portion of ATI's market.
  14. GeeksHaveFeelings

    Quick Colonels Paint Update

    No dude, it won't run natively on Mac, Windows and Linux. It'll run crappily on Mac, Windows and Linux. It'll be ugly too.