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best hardware decission

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I want to buy hardware to install the os x 10.4.7 if any of you know what would be a good purchase, please post in this forum or tell me, i heard that the intel 945 GNTL works good,but i didn`t test it,so if you think that you have a very stable and your os x 10.4.7 works perfect, please give me the list of hardware i should buy to install and enjoy os x,hope smbdy answer :)

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(ATX) Intel (D945GNTLKR, LA D945GNTLKR) http://www.intel.com/design/motherbd/nt/nt_available.htm

(MicroATX) Intel (D945GTPLKR) http://www.intel.com/design/motherbd/tp/tp_available.htm

(MicroBTX) Intel (D945GCZLKR, D945GCZLK)



Processor: PentiumD 900 Series


Graphics Card: Intel GMA950 (Integrated)


Sound Card: SigmaTel 9220 (Integrated)


Hard Disk: Maxtor Or Seagate Are The Bests (At Least Of 7200 RPM)


DVD Drive: I've Got A LG 4167B (DVD, +-DL, +-R, +-RW, DVD RAM)



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Maxtor? the best? Are you kidding? those are certainly the worse HDD on the planet.

Seagate or WD.



I will support the Seagate comment, but I've never had anything but trouble with WD drives which why I refer to them as the Winn Dixie drives.


(To explain that... here in Florida the main Grocery Stores around are Publix, Albertsons and Winn Dixie... Winn Dixie being the lower end of that list)


Oddly enough the drives that I've never had a single issue with have been Toshiba and Fujistu (mostly Fujitsu.. I can't seem to kill those at all).

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WD is great, I got 2, even the very old one is still working perfectly after years. Never had any problems with Seagate too (beside an old HD).

Maxtor drives are just noisy hot pile of junk. Too many just died after one or two years of use. Unreliable...

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