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a eternal gray apple


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well, i'm going to try to explain my problem shortly

i have a dvd with myzar's 10.4.5 version. I wanted to install it on a old pentium 4, 1.8 ghz and 512 mb ram,( it has sse2)

i downloaded acronis disk utility and installed os selector. then i used vmware to install it on my hd. The installation was good and i thought everything was ok, but after i've converted the partition to prymary if i reboot and select mac osx on acronis menu i only see the gray screen with the apple and everything stops. Could someone tell me what i've done wrong?


i forgot to say that if i try to enter on mac using vmware instead of the gray screen it shows a message telling me to restart but if i do then next time it shows the message again :)

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