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A few questions about dual boot

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Here is what I am currently trying to achieve:

On my hackintosh laptop, I would like to be able to dual boot between OSX and Windows 2000 (XP if I must).

I have already installed OSX and it is taking up my full partition.


I was hoping to simply use BootCamp to resize my partitions and then install Win2K. Correct me if I am wrong, but hackintoshes are unable to use BootCamp. When I attempted to I was told I need to update my firmware.


Since I can not use bootcamp, I was planning to use the Knoppix live CD to resize my OSX partition and create a new 10 Gb partition for installation of Windows.


I would then use Acronis Boot Manager to choose which I want at startup.


Is this the easiest way to go about things or is there something easier that I have yet to find?

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you could just install windows on another partition and use that live cd to make your osx drive active as it already has a useable darwin bootloader[well i didi that and it works fine]

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