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BCM5722, BCM5754/M, BCM5755/M, BCM5787/M and BCM5906/M NIC driver (32/64-bit)

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I've made v2.3.6 small changes for BCM5718
    1. for multi port(setting portGphy in MII read/write from PCIfunction no)
    2. setting MaxFrameSize of RCB of Rcv Std Producer Ring
    only above changes

It goes good,
   except  File receive of AFP
send is OK
NFS or SMB is OK
on 10.9.5

Does someone have same result ?

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On 2/4/2015 at 6:16 AM, darkvoid said:



Would you be able to test a new approach to activate the BCM57780 (and many other cards) on OS X?

I posted the details here:



I believe using the original Apple driver (without patching required in this case) could give you better performance and stability.

With your test results I would be able to take this forward.

Seems it's late answer, but better late than never. Tested last rehabman driver, it detected the card but it stays always red (cable unplugged). If anyone got bcm57780 working with fakepciid. Please let me know.

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