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  1. sorry for the long hiatus, I really don't have much time to maintain it. Now i have a bit time to get back into it. I'm aware of the problem. However I cannot promise any fix anytime soon as I'll have to dig through the code again after a long time.
  2. oh thanks! I've confirmed with the programmer's guide on those registers. damn, silly mistakes, how could I get those things mixed, I'll review the changes, and bring it in after testing it. again, thanks for your time and effort on this * p/s: I have less time for this right now and actually didn't boot osx for over 2 months now, sorry if it takes a long time for my reply, I do check the forum regularly though
  3. sorry I totally forgot this thread. I thought it's deeply buried in the new user lounge and today I just noticed that this has moved to the appropriate section, thanks mod! now the driver has 2 homes I thought BCM5751 has a working driver? Does this driver works for you? MAC address will be automatically populated by the driver. I checked the programmer's guide for the model and it seems it has the same register address for MAC address value, so it should have no problem. tg3(linux) and bge(freebsd) driver checks a number of places for MAC address value whereas this driver depends only on the MAC address register for the address and I think that causes a bunch of zeros. However, I didn't check for initialization steps for this model, maybe it has something to do with that.
  4. sorry for the delay, i was away from my computer for the last few days i don't think this driver will work for that card. i've released the source code, so if anybody is interested can try to make it work for this card. since there is manual provided by broadcom in its oss resource page, i'll try to look at it when i have time.
  5. great! glad to hear it's working for you, thanks!
  6. Hi, I've decided to scratch an itch and develop a driver for my nic(5787m). Although there has been a working driver for the card, it is a hexedited version which i thought is not a permanent solution . This driver is implemented based on the BCM5722 Programmer's Guide provided in Broadcom's open source developer resource. Additional information is gleaned from Linux(tg3) and FreeBSD(if_bge) driver. Since the manual covers more than one model, i decided to include support for some of the models documented. It should support the following models: BCM5722 BCM5754 BCM5754M BCM5755 BCM5755M BCM5787 BCM5787M # BCM5906 # BCM5906M # # - tested Features not implemented as of this release: Wake-on-LAN Installation Install to /System/Library/Extensions manually copy the kext to /S/L/E and repair permissions or use KextWizard Issues Please report any issues you found at https://github.com/adlan/BCM5722D/issues Contributing Source code is available at https://github.com/adlan/BCM5722D. See project's wiki for details Credit broadcom for releasing the programmer's guide authors of Linux(tg3) and FreeBSD(if_bge) driver early beta testers (acero,Hacktrix2006,quadomatic,queshaolangman,Zprood) Disclaimer This driver is neither supported nor endorsed by Broadcom. Zombies may invade your house and i take no responsibility for whatever happens. Use at your own risk don't forget to report how it's going enjoy! BCM5722D.kext.zip
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