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how to get drivers


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hi, im new to this having Mac (iDeneb v1.4-10.5.6 ) on my


Dell vostro 1220

base os win 7

intel core 2 duo


4GB ram

Intel WiFi 5300

solid state 128Gb


well its the only os that i could get to install without any fault errors

iDeneb v1.4-10.5.6

all went easy when i only installed the base OS ( absolutly no extras)

but now i dont have the needed drivers etc for the wirless network or eathent conection


i wish to find out where i could get any needed drivers from?

( i know there on the disk but i dont wish to reinstal the OS again

(as i did and it just giving me fault messages)


thanks much for your time

daak :blink:

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I googled "Dell Vostro 1220 NIC" and came out with Realtek 8211CL. Now, you google and install R1000.kext


I googled "Intel Wifi 5300" and... wait, no i didn't google that coz it's in the forum. If you search a little bit harder, you will find out that it's not supported. Intel WiFi 5000/5100/5300 does not work.

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