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Building your own Mac Pro ?

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what kind of hardware (chipsets ) is included in the new Mac Pro ? What kind of hardware and mainboard do I need to build a kind of clone without Xeon and with normal Intel Core 2 cpus lof it ? Is there already a list anywhere ?



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It really hard to find the parts needed, the xeons have always been in a niche market, and the boards to use xeons were always crappy for games & 3d performance....of course not now though, they pack a hefty thump with PCIe 16x, 1.3ghz memory frequencies.


after a quick search, i found these guys,




who make a machine you might be able to install OSX on, bit of an expensive mistake if it doesn't though.


Also, if you do go xeon, look for motherboards by TYAN or SUPERMICRO, which use an intel chipset.


they might even come down in price soon...


Good Luck



O BTW, make sure the XEON you buy is a 'woodcrest' one.



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