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  1. P2P on the iPhone

    P2p and porn is what pushes technology forward. and who said what about bills? these new phones are always on, isn't that part of the monthly fee?
  2. New Build of OS X Leopard

    Wont make a diff with modern CPU's. Actually, these graphics driver updates will probably screw some of us up, wont they?? U use titan on a Nvidia7600GS and get a garbled display after res change or wake from sleep, these updates may fix that...
  3. i have the exact same prob. after change of res. also after sleep. BX2, 7600GS, 10.5.1, Natit bummer (
  4. kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 Released

    What gives? Both My iAtkos AND now Kalyway are corrupt archives!!!!!!! I'll try to DL again. Damn.
  5. iATKOS v1.0i Released

    {censored}e, i got an 'unexpected end of archive' error, flipping 4 days for this piece of sh^&.... Waiting for the K man
  6. Of course he's been paid. Good on him. Clearly he was on to something and worth shutting up. They either have a big secret, or don't like false rumours that turn out to be true. Freedom of speech. Peace
  7. I'm curious as to exactly how much apple paid him. Seems very happy indeed, amazing how persuasive hard cash is!
  8. InsanelyMac is for sale

    Actually, me thinks this will make you mega rich too man, best of luck to ya i say! Kerching!!
  9. Mac Pro and Tiger...

    Nah, the CPU/Motherboards are too specialized and can't be found easily. As soon as scan.co.uk start selling woodcrests, you'll see some cats take the plunge. Wait another month or 3...
  10. Building your own Mac Pro ?

    It really hard to find the parts needed, the xeons have always been in a niche market, and the boards to use xeons were always crappy for games & 3d performance....of course not now though, they pack a hefty thump with PCIe 16x, 1.3ghz memory frequencies. after a quick search, i found these guys, http://www.armari.co.uk/system.asp?SysID=226 who make a machine you might be able to install OSX on, bit of an expensive mistake if it doesn't though. Also, if you do go xeon, look for motherboards by TYAN or SUPERMICRO, which use an intel chipset. they might even come down in price soon... Good Luck O BTW, make sure the XEON you buy is a 'woodcrest' one.
  11. Mac Pro deconstruction

    Thats a good price, building a Hackintosh Pro couldn't possibly be cheaper could it? Well done Mr Jobs, thats a sweet design mate. Unless a hackintosh is £1000 cheaper, I'm sold, would save me all that drama of driver issues....
  12. Yup, I'll dig around but the truth is that the new Mac Pro's are bloody good value for money, here in the UK, I'll still see if the woodcrests are cheaper on eBay, and that UK based link above could be a ripoff. I'll keep you posted on prices.
  13. Hey I found this from the Tyan website, they use an intel based supermicro board, which might just be the winner. http://www.armari.co.uk/system.asp?SysID=226 £3,617.83 Including tax I wonder how much the 3ghz apple will be..... Not cheap though...
  14. Just browsing and found this http://www.tyan.com/PRODUCTS/html/tempesti5000pw.html Looks like a good start on the hunt for the perfect Hackintosh 'Support for 64gb ram'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Least it has PCIex16 - But what do they mean by (2x8) could be a con.
  15. Ah, well spotted sherlock, they are INDEED mac pro's. Je suis desolé I'd be happy to see some compatible GPU drivers too, then throw in a ATI X1900 XT. I wonder what the diff is in Mac Pro's vs DIY...and do the Mac Pro ATI/Nvidea cards have some mac-only bios setting? If the price is on par with DIY, I'll order one myself. £700 for 1 Xeon? Bloody hell!! £2-300 for a board. O man...