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HP Dc7100 looking for PCI Express low profile video Card.

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Hi, I'am using a HP Dc7100 with a GMA 900 Video Card.

But I with the GMA 900 you can't play games like Quake 4 or UT 2004.

So I am looking for a Video Card with CI and QE Support.

But this HP mashine is Using a low profile PCI Express Slot.


Is there any PCI Express Card with low profile and CI and QE Support ?

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I see this is a very old topic but...

i have the same Hp dc7100 sff and just bought the Nvidea EN6200LE, it came with

2 low profile brackets works fine with XP.


but i was wondering how did you get OSX to boot on your dc7100.

I'm trying different setup all week now, non work. kalyway and leo4all


with leo4all i got till the start up sound and the guy telling me how to set up.

but all i saw was the black screen with white error text.



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The SFF only has a 240watt PSU so unfortunately cannot handle a few recent low-profile cards. I know from experience that the 8400GS does not work.


A 6200SE should work fine, and also a 6200 should work as long as it's low profile or can be converted. Cheapest solution is to buy a small card and buy a low profile bracket such as what XFX sell for like £5.


Currently I'm using the onboard video, but I will eventually pick up an EN6200LE which retail for £22 here.

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