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ATI / NVIDIA & SLi .. Can I use 2 Ati card?


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I have a P5ND2-sli Deluxe motherboard.


Currently, I have 1x GeForce 6600 GT Sli ready video card. I would like to use an ATi Card instead.


I like the fact that I can have 2 video cards...but if i switch to ATi Video card, would I be able to add another ATi Card to make it work together?


Does this SLi feature work ONLY WITH Nvidia cards?


I was thining of getting an X1600 XT, but what good would my Motherboard be if I have sli feature and would never be able to use it with ATI cards?


Can someone explain this to me?


Also...would sli feature even work on 10.4.6 ??

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dude for the time being, nvidias don't even have 3d support on hackintosh, let alone SLI support.


Sure u can use ur ATI card on ur SLI MOBO - a PCI-E slot is a PCI-E slot. Just don't plan on going crossfire.


BTW: you cant go SLI or Crossfire with ur two cards. HEre's how they work.


W/ SLI, you buy two 'sli nvidia cards' (some 6xxx cards and all the 7xxx cards) and put them in the PCI-E slots on ur SLI-certified MOBO and hook that up to an sli certified PSU. SLI even supports 4 video cards.


W/ crossfire its the same thing, cept' with ATIs and i think u can only go up to 2 cards.


Here's wut u do - uve got a decent nvidia card. Keep that for gaming. Get a cheap 50 dollar or so ati card for mac. It can even be a pci card so u can just swap out the vga cable to either card whenever u boot either windows or mac.

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lots of info! thanks!


The nvidia card is SLI ready, so is the motherboard, and my power supply is SLi certified and has the sli power hook thingie.


I ended up selling my Nvidia card and picking up an ATI X1600 Xt. according to benchmarks, it was better than my nvidia card anyway.


I am still having problems with the X1600 though. couple of people have been having major issues with the x1600 xt....me being one of them.


weather i use the boris patch, or do it manually, it just doesn't want to work ;)

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bummer dude...


confirm that its the samet type card (i.e: PCI, AGP, PCI Express, mobile card). Try some other epatches, etc.


PS: can't believe u ditchd the nvidia SLI. Forget hackintosh, u cudve gotten another nvidia card and powerd up for some xtreme SLI gaming action.

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