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  1. Hi all, I've been using my Hackintosh setup for a few years now with no issues. My current setup is: GA-E35-DS4 4GB RAM 1Tb drive TPlink wifi (detected as airport with AirDrop support) Q6600 + Tuniq Tower Silent PowerSupply PNY 8800GT 512Mb I've been really happy with this hardware - super quiet. I've successfully used it with Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and now Mountain Lion. Ever since Mountain Lion though, I've noticed the system slow down a bit. I know the hardware is getting older, so I feel like it may be time to start something new. ANYWAY.... Any recommendations on a high performance Motherboard/CPU/VideoCard setup? I'd prefer a smaller physical setup if possible, since my "office space" is limited and my current case is taking up a good amount of space. Thanks for any tips, info, suggestions. My budget is around $600 for motherboard/cpu/video card and i would love to have a motherboard which doesn't require any hacks/dsdt and prefer if sleep worked!
  2. I just tried this one, and it seems to works (no KP), but also instead of going to sleep, it shuts off...so I disabled sleep (was never able to get sleep to work after 10.6.3 anyway). 10.6.6 64bit enabled. EP35-DS4 w/ Q6600 SleepEnabler_10.6.6.kext.zip
  3. Did you use Disk Utility in the Installer to format/create a GUID partition? Not sure if its the same jerky/lagged mouse issue I had (when quicktime/itunes is open). I removed AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext and have not had any mouse issues!
  4. Ok...I didn't even know it would work with PS/2. Why not just pick up a cheap usb keyboard and mouse, and not have to worry about PS/2?
  5. Are you sure you re-enabled USB mouse and keyboard? The bios will reset after you reboot, and by default the USB keyboard and mouse is disabled.
  6. Sorry if you have already done this..just trying to help. - Once in Chameleon, eject the BOOTCD and put in your Snow Install DVD. - Press F5, and Snow Leopard DVD shows up. - highlight it, type "-v", and press enter Are you doing it like that?
  7. No man.. you're good. I had the same error pop up. After the installation is complete, the errors will no longer come up. Just keep going. Edit: At the end of the installation, you may get a message saying something along the lines of "unable to set startup disk"..and will show the error icon. Ignore this..just reboot, reset your bios settings, and use the BOOTCD to get back into your new install.
  8. Do you have AHCI enabled in bios? I remember mine would reboot repeatedly. I think it finally worked once I enabled AHCI! Try that dude...should work.
  9. Is there a way to disable your built-in NIC from bios? If you can disable it through bios, try that!
  10. I had the same issue with. I downloaded another version from here: http://rapidshare.com/files/278324346/cdbootSL.iso Seemed to do the trick! I'm not sure what the difference is...same file size.
  11. I haven't tested it, but it does show up in "About this mac" and my System Preferences as "FireWire" I have an EP35-DS4 though.
  12. Hi Tseug, I just wanted to send my thanks for this automated process. I had SL running, which I managed to get up an going by doing everything manually. I had random KP's and decided to go back to 10.5. I tried your method yesterday, and have not had any KP's, and it is running buttery smooth. I also don't have any errors in console! Anyway.. just wanted to say thanks for your hard work. My Specs: GA-EP35-DS4 4Gb Crucial Ballistix - 1066 PNY GeForce 8800GT 512Mb 1x WD 250 Gb, 1x WD 300Gb, 2x Seagate 500Gb (All recognized when bios set to AHCI) LG DL DVD burner (recognized and working fine...was not recognized previously) Everything is just working perfectly (knock on wood). EDIT: One thing I should mention is SLEEP with S3. It does go to Sleep, and Does wake up, but once it wakes up, it locks up within seconds. No biggie though, i never got sleep working in 10.5 either (so I just set it to S1 state)
  13. My work around for this was installing Snow Leopard FROM Snow Leopard. If you install SL from Leopard, you will get the disk utility issue. There is probably another way around it, but instaling from Snow to Snow will guarantee disk utility fix. (I tried twice from Leo to Snow Leo with Disk Utility problem...I tried twice from Snow to Snow...with no error).
  14. I followed this guide, and also used the provided .AML file. http://www.teknojunkie.com/2009/08/guide-s...32-coming-soon/ To get sound working, I copied the HDA file from LS8's 10.5.7 package. To get recognition of ALL SATA HDD, I used this: http://rapidshare.de/files/48088165/AppleI...A.kext.zip.html, along with IOATAFAMILY.KEXT from this package http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PU0SM1SK Everything else just kinda works. I didn't need to muck around with anything. Oh...I tried to install Snow Leopard from my 10.5.8 installation (twice) to my external USB, andd although it did install and I was able to boot (chamelion), it would lock up within second with lots of errors and Panic. I tried Installing (the third time) from my Sister's macbook with SL, and guess what? Worked absolutely great! You can also try this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...1303...although it seems too complex and involved. I got SL up and running in abuot 30 minutes from formatting to logging in.
  15. Ok...well I got that fixed. I can see all my hard drives, except my DVD Burner (no biggie..I have a dual boot of Windows 7, Leopard, and Snow Leopard..lol). Only thing left is the Audio. About This Mac will recognize it, but I get no volume bars or sound. Ideas? Ok..sounds seems to be working now. The default output was on microphone. I set it to line out, and it works as good as it did in 10.5 My DVD burner doesn't work still. I also hooked up an additional external ESATA drive, and it also is not deteced. Something with limited SATA ports I think.