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Stupid mistake - Rewrote GPT partition table... I think?


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So I accidentally rewrote my GPT Partition table that I had my OSX 6.6 and Ubuntu dual booting from. In Windows I somehow decided that it would be a good idea to select "New Simple Drive" in Windows Computer Manager > Disk Management. It looks like it rewrote the whole drive and it is no longer a Primary Drive and is instead Dynamic. I can't boot from the drive and have tried a few partition managers to fix the problem. GParted sees the drive as unallocated space and Easus Partition Manager has failed to solve the problem.


I can still access the partitions through file explorers for HFS+ or EXT4 or whatever Ubuntu is, but I can't boot from them. I guess the GPT partition scheme got completely overwritten? I'm really not sure this Dynamic Drive type is, but I know that it will no longer boot. The partitions are still there in Windows Disk Manager, but I can't change it to GPT scheme or a Basic Drive.


Anyone know a way to get my drive back to the way it was? I dread having to reinstall OSX and get it to dual boot again...



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These two articles helped me recover from the same mistake in the past. Perhaps they can help you?





Although I used the GPL'ed GPT editor to fix my problem, as I just had the wrong partition ID in there. If you actually wiped out the partition, that might be difficult to recover from.

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