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  1. So I accidentally rewrote my GPT Partition table that I had my OSX 6.6 and Ubuntu dual booting from. In Windows I somehow decided that it would be a good idea to select "New Simple Drive" in Windows Computer Manager > Disk Management. It looks like it rewrote the whole drive and it is no longer a Primary Drive and is instead Dynamic. I can't boot from the drive and have tried a few partition managers to fix the problem. GParted sees the drive as unallocated space and Easus Partition Manager has failed to solve the problem. I can still access the partitions through file explorers for HFS+ or EXT4 or whatever Ubuntu is, but I can't boot from them. I guess the GPT partition scheme got completely overwritten? I'm really not sure this Dynamic Drive type is, but I know that it will no longer boot. The partitions are still there in Windows Disk Manager, but I can't change it to GPT scheme or a Basic Drive. Anyone know a way to get my drive back to the way it was? I dread having to reinstall OSX and get it to dual boot again... Thanks!
  2. Thanks super_engine, that's exactly what I've been waiting for. It works flawlessly in iAtkos 10.5.7, I might try it out on Snow in a bit to see if I can get it working there, I wasn't having much luck with the last release.
  3. I'm having a lot of trouble getting this to work with 10.6. I'm wondering if I should uninstall the other ATI kexts in order to get it to work, I remember having to do that with my GTX 280 on my desktop computer. If anyone could elaborate on anything they might have done differently to get this working with 10.6, I'd appreciate it a lot.