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New Bigger Hard Disk Required-Move Stuff, etc.?


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Now that my Thinkpad T41p is 100% (withouth the video tweaks, as I cannot seem to find one that works), I'm ready to move up to a larger hard disk.


I initall used a 20GB spare hard drive for testing/playing.


Now that I have everything the way I want it, and I've also installed Parallels Desktop (used an external USB HD for the image), I want to put in say a 60 or 100 GB HD.


I played with the bult in Disk Utility, no luck.

I Tried using Carbon Copy Cloner, no luck.


I seems to need a little guidance.


Even if I remove the HD, hang it off of a MacBook, put another (the new HD) HD on a USB off the same MacBook, and try it so the original HD is not "live", it doesn't copy the best.


I also tried Ghost & Acronis True Image, way too slow, not seemingly working...


Which program is the "program of choice" to use to perform a backup/image of an OS X install.


Additionally, I now have added Macs/OS X to my list of supported platforms that I support, and would like to know the answer for a new client, who neds a "bare metal recovery" procedure, very much the sam as Ghost/Acronis ofer Windows clients.


I've played around with various tools and utilities, no avail, as files are in use, sluggish copy, etc., so hence the need for a soulution.



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OK, I purchased SuperDuper, and it seems OK, and pretty slick, however, I have the very same problem that I had using the built in Disk Utility....and that is, the newly cloned image won't boot.


So, I'll send that info off to the SuperDuper people to see what they offer as a solution, but as it stands right now, I can't say that SuperDuper is any different from anything else...so far.


My major concern is to have a utility, very similar to Acronis, Ghost or Symantec BackupExec that will create base with incremental images, to an external hard drive, have the ability to have the image file split to 4.7Gb for DVD storage to keep offsite, and to boot off of a rescue media to restor the backup image, etc.


Does anything exist?

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Super Duper does not work.

Downloaded it, purchased a license, have issues.

Will do backup, but backup won't boot.

Tried 5 different times, different ways, etc.

Will post tech details later, but in the meantime, I need to upgrade the 20Gb HD to a 60Gb hd, what to do?

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Superduper will clone without buying a licence...


anyhow, try this:


# Be sure your destination disk is formatted as MacOS X or MacoS X journaled or Unix. If not, launch /Application/Utility/Disk Utility and reformat your destination disk. Be aware that reformatting a disk means that you delete everything from that disk! If you need to reformat the destination disk, do that BEFORE the following points.

# Select the destination disk icon in the Finder.

# Call the menu item Get Info.

# Go to the sub-panel Ownership & Permissions.

# Unmark the check-box “Ignore Ownership on this volume”. It must be always unmarked. When that check-box is marked all the files copied to that disk will lose the owner and permissions, and this should never happen when backing up the boot disk.


I don't know, I haven't tried it. But my x86 disk is getting full, so I'll need a larger drive soon. I'm interested in how this would work. Anyone else tried cloning their drive onto a larger one? Do you need to bless it or something?

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Guest BuildSmart

guruuno1, maybe you need a tutorial on how to use Disk Utility.


I've had no issues making bootable backups and I wrote a script to perform weekly backups that work without issue so I'd have to conclude you have no knowledge/experience on how to get Disk Utility to make the backup you want/need.

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I've used disk utility, no go.

I've been able to boot from an install dvd to get the OS running, so the 'clone' is fine, it's just the booting.

There is an additional post in this forum about this, I tried it, no go.

The SuperDuper people state this:


First, it's very important to note that a Sandbox is not a backup, it's a way of doing a checkpoint of your system. So, if you want something you can recover from, you should be using "Backup - all files", not any of the Sandbox scripts.


Second, only Intel based Macintoshes can start from USB drives. PPC Macs cannot. Both can boot from FireWire drives, so I'd strongly suggest a Mac "boot compatible" (Oxford based) FireWire drive if you can use one.


The most common reason for a failure to boot is that the drive is partitioned with the wrong scheme. As of a later release of 10.4.x, Disk Utility started letting users format HFS+ volumes even when the on-disk format was MBR (Windows) partitioning, and this can be quite confusing.


In general, external drives should be partitioned with the Apple Partition Map scheme, which is compatible (on an external drive) with both Intel and Power PC Macs.


If you're using exclusively Intel Macs, you should use the "GUID" partitioning scheme. A drive that moves internal to an Intel Mac must be GUID as well.


So, please check the partitioning scheme and see if you're using the right one. Once you do that, and use "Backup - all files" with Smart Update or Erase, then copy, your backup should boot successfully.




So, I did partition with the Apple Partition Map scheme, no luck.

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