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Backup/duplicate solution?

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How does one backup their Snow Leopard install?






SuperDuper seems thwarted with difficulties, having tried it once or twice in the past, but perhaps I'm missing something?


Am I right in thinking that, as I'm using a seperate partition for Chameleon (which I also plan to duplicate as it's on the same dard drive!), I need to re-install chameleon to that drive too?


Thanks for your thoughts on this



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if you do the backup to a HD with same size: use diskutility and create an image, mount it and clone it with copycatx.

you will have it working immediately including bootloader. version 5 seems also to work with differents sizes, but couldn´t test it yet.


otherwise CCC and install chameleon.

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Make your own personal Chameleon boot CD that works with your hardware.

Then you don't have to worry about the bootloader not getting cloned. I've seen lots of posts talking about not being able to boot after using CCC.


Use my guide and files from here:


The new default theme for 2.0 RC5 (and a newer version of CDBoot) is attached to my Chameleon GUID installation guide here:


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Well guys, thanks


Indeed SuperDuper did work! Which is great because I can use the 'Smart backup' which takes a fraction of the time as a full backup


Although I've found apps like Chrome and Transmission are firing up a 'Application wants to connect to the internet' dialog box as if being used for the first time. Not if that would happen with CCC as I believe SuperD doesn't copy cache files etc (whatever 'etc' is!)


The Boot CD sounds like it would be good practice to have around anyway

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