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Hackintosh build for 2.000 dollars


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Hello everybody!

I would like to build a Hackintosh.

My budget is around 2.000 dollars


I need to use it for Editing (finalcut) and Compositing video (After Effects).


I would like :

Intel Processor (considering overclock)

Nvidia Graphics

SSD system disk



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I think I understand why Hagar said to get a Mac - you will be saved from alot of great trouble possibly, and you will in the end have a fully supported hardware the OS X was written for (the drivers eh). You can also upgrade the ram. But I also can see things from Materox's point of view, I think :(


It's that for 2000$ and a custom build you can get a lot more horsepower :P And I mean it. Seriously, a buffed up iMac 27" costs well over 3000$ and it's less that you can get with a custom build for that money. You only have to choose your components wisely and invest a lot of time into researching, and visit this forum often for possible problems you might end up having. Be prepared that everything will not run smoothly always, and after building a desktop for OS X, you might regret not buying a Mac if you really want to use Final Cut.


My personal suggestion is save up some more money and buy a Mac Pro? Video editing will make you cry when you realize 1TB is not enough (although I don't know what kind of editing you do, how often etc.) and Mac Pro has the ability for nice HDD upgrades, and it is the shizznit.


Better think very good before you decide :P

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Hello, thank you for the answers.

ok, so the computer is not for me, is for a friend. By the way I know how to build a pc for 2000 but I wrote here hoping that you can give some components that don't create conflicts. The Idea of building a custom is essentially for performance/price.

My specific questions are:

1-is it worth it to spend money in an nvidia quadro card on mac or not?

2- I have a possibile configuration which doesn't involve an nvida quadro but I'm mostly worried about compatibility between motherboard/CPU.

key: components


i7 950

Asus P6X58D-E Intel X58 LGA1366 DDR3 1600

Team Group DDR-3 1600 Xtreem 12Gb. (6x2048Mb) (Low Voltage 1.65. V.)

SSD OS: Intel x-25m 120GB (or something pci-x is much better?)

HDD dati: 2 X HD 2TB. western Digital SATA 7200RPM 64Mb. RAID 0




NOW what do you suggest in terms of compatibility? I'm sorry to bother you guys with my questions but Ireally believe that with the same amount of money I can get very good performances I just need advices of key components.


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Read this entry here, it has a lot of good information on what version of OS X works in what way on specific hardware. Also, a good bet is to google this:


site:insanelymac.com your_hardware_piece and read the interesting threads. that might give you key, valuable information


also, there are other forums/sites/blogs you could search like this I mentioned above.


As long as your processor is in the Core family, you are good to go for vanilla kernel, I believe. But be sure to read all about it that you can find, just to be sure. The more you research, the better the results will be when it comes to putting your hackintosh to good use. Especially when you plan to spend quite a lot of money.


The HCL list might grow with time though, especially once new drivers are written by the gurus/x lab devs and so on. Also, new Macs will be released with time which kind of opens up the possibility of Apple written drivers in the future. It's mostly fantasizing, but you never know! Research is the key for hackintoshes.


While I didn't answer your questions directly, I hope my post has helped as it is the best advice I think, you need to know a few things yourself other than just hearing - yea it should work, before you build your hackintosh.

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I can probably speak to your needs since I'm in the process of completing a system similar to what you're putting together. So I am in my 3rd day of fishing through websites, finding hacks and reading through the forums suggested. I have the hack built so that it runs in 32 bit mode, recognizes my graphic card, sees all my memory and boots by itself. This is not bad accomplishment considering I have not owned or worked much on a mac, but also have been working on PC's for over 25 years. Still there was a lot to learn. Based on that mother board, you may want to start here.




And here



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