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Hiding Hard disks on a network


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ok, I know this has been posted before & I have read all of it but no one has covers hiding the hard disks for EVERY user on the network.


We have just recived a room full of intel core duo iMacs. They will be used for music & media as thats the main focus of the city learning centre.


Now i have partitioned the 250GB drives into 2 partitions, a 75gb System partition that is locked to editing except by OSX it's self & allowed applications & a data drive thats free for saving & editing (as i don't want kids saving hours of uncompressed footage to their home directories & filling my lovely fresh new 4tb raid)


Now my question is how can i hide the system partition, I can't have it unmounted obviously cause it's needed but i don't want it do show on the kids desktop OR on the ide bar in the finder, have been looking through plists & stuff but am a little lost.


ANY help would be greatly appriciated.


Am thinking of going along the lines of enforcing a group policy to hide hard disks on the desktop & create an alias on login called "Mac HD" on their desktop JUST for these machine (as the school has 30 iMac g5's with a different setup) then deleting the alias on logout. If anyone has a better idea or could help with the scrpting etc I would be VERY VERY VERY greatful.


My e-mail is d.maltby@hgclc.org


Thanks for any help you can give me. :dev:

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