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Problems with my Chameleon


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Well, I read throught all of those GUIDES and stuff but nothing helped me


So first my specs:

Intel E8400

Asus P5Q-Pro


ATI 4800HD



In past I had various installations of OSX like iDeneb etc.


I also had a clear retail installation with Chameleon on a seperate EFI partition.

But in every Guide I read the Chameleon thing on a seperate partition isn't mentioned.


So I'm asking for a clear guide/some help to install OSX with a retail disk and chamelon on my pc.


No Dualboot or stuff.

Just 2 partitions, 1 for Chamelon and 1 for OSX

So I don't have to install any ktext to OSX and can it leave untouched.


thank you !

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Congratulations, the P5Q Pro is an excellent Hackintosh motherboard.


Grab buoo's P5Q Pro boot CD and use it to boot and install from your retail DVD.




Same page, run through Google Translator:



Then use the CD to boot your installation, install Chameleon 2.0 RC5 to your harddrive, copy the required files from the boot CD to the Chameleon /Extra folder and you're good to go.


You can follow my Chameleon installation guide here:


Or use iFabio's installer from here:


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Hello, I installed Snow Leopard via Boot-Disk and updated to 10.6.5 without problems.


Then I installed Chameleon onto a 2nd Partition, cloned the boot CD onto the Partition and put some ktext into /Extensions.


But it won't boot :( it loads the bootloader fine but stucks at booting.


First I had some error with FakeSMC and MSDS length 6 but I fixed it.


Here are 2 screens while booting into verbose






well it stucks BUT if I manually press the power button it seems like the PC goes into sleep


hope someone can help

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Hello everyone,


I have been able to install and boot Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail on Lenovo ThinkPad R61i. My problem now is that I am not able to proceed to full operation of SL. I get to waiting for DSMOS message and the system just stays there.


I have not installed Chameleon and I am now wondering whether I should install it at all or just deal with the Kext for my system?


On the same hard drive I am dualbooting with Ubuntu 10.10. Using the installed Ubuntu I was able to extract my DSDT.aml and put on the root of my Snow Leopard partition.


Does anyone know if I will be able to run Snow Leopard without Chameleon and if yes, what steps do I need to take to make it fully functional?

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Gamamou: You must install fakesmc.kext. If you're using a patched Kernel, you must install DSMOS.kext (not the same as dontstealmacos.kext!) or AppleDecrypt.kext. Read this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=243040

The screenshots don't tell me anything, unfortunately everything looks fine! The "Sound Assertion" errors from AppleHDA usually don't cause a lockup.


Shot in the dark: You can try disabling on board audio in the BIOS and see if it boots then - it should not load the driver if your on board sound is disabled. If it still loads, then it is probably detecting the HDMI audio on your video card. If that causes a lockup, then you'll need to delete your HDAEnabler.kext, or VoodooHDA.kext so that you can boot again and work on fixing it. Let me know.

Then I installed Chameleon onto a 2nd Partition, cloned the boot CD onto the Partition and put some ktext into /Extensions.

It's kext (Kernel Extension) not "ktext", it doesn't have anything to with text.


What do you mean by "cloned" exactly? You should install Chameleon manually (follow the links I posted earlier). Make sure you haven't copied over the RAM disk image (initrd.img or preboot.dmg) from your boot CD. Which kernel extensions did you copy in and where did you copy them to?


After updating, can you still boot with your boot CD? If the answer is yes, then there is something wrong with the Chameleon installation on your hard drive.

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