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should i go ahead and install?


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Is my computer mac os x 86 capable?.

Intel core 2 duo proccesor

Dual 300Gb sata harddrives running raid

Intel Desktop motherboard D975XBX

Intel 975X Express Chipset



i know its new enough and strong enough. but doest the dual core processor mean it won't work propperly? i understand os x was designed to run on it, but does the crack make this impossible?


a complete



any comments will be greatly appreciated

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in reply to bubbaganoush



The 975x is an excellent chipset.


thats good b/c it was extremely pricey

and thank you again for your help

by the way even though the video card is not agp is it still a good gaming card?


in reply to david tigerdirect.com has all current intel cpu's the problem is the motherboard




sorry wrong link the correct link is as follows




from there you can pick your catagory

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PCI-E can provide a much faster interface for the graphics card but I'm pretty sure at the moment even with the fastest single card setups there is little or no difference in performance at all between AGP and PCI-E.


I have no idea how well Geforce cards work in OSX86 but the Radeon x1600, x1800 and x1900 seem to have worked pretty well so far.

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As bubbaganoush said, ATI x1600 pro, X1800 and X1900 are the only ones that are compatible with OSX atm.

better get ATI not Nvidia . And go here for more information about ATI cards that are supported.



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