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  1. chain0... before or after?

    after chain0 is used to seek out and load HFS+ partitions. You reference it through boot.ini after installing so you can use the windows bootloader to find and load the installed os x partition. Check the wiki for detailed instructions.
  2. install woes

    sounds like a bad image to me, straight from the source. Try getting another one, or getting the same one again. There are a few ways to check it your image is bad if you really want to, you can compare exact file sizes with others who have the image, or you can check the md5 sum. But IMO it's less effort to just spend another day downloading and get a good image file.
  3. 10.4.6.install.dvd.iso HELP PLEASE

    are you trying to load os x after installation, or the installer itself? Either way, this means the system can't find either the hd with os x on it, or the drive with the dvd on it. If this is after installing, try rammjets suggestion first, and if you still have a problem, try toying with your jumpers. Set all jumpers (optical drives (cd, dvd, etc) and hard drives alike) to master or slave, ie no cable select. If you're still getting this error, rearrange your drives a bit until you can get it to work. Try setting your hard drive to primary master first, then primary slave, etc. Usually if your main hard drive is primary master, and your main dvd drive is primary slave things should go smoothly, but it all depends on your system. That said, what's your mobo and chipset, and are you trying to install on an ide hard drive or sata?
  4. The Next OSx86 Install Disk

    I think the pot is going to be around 20 grand before this happens...
  5. Considering building a 'Mac'

    hm, I'll look into that. I actually ran into the conroe thread over in the tutorials forum so I may go for that ASUS board and spring for conroe and a 975X chipset, but I'll have to do some more research on it later.
  6. !*!*!*!how do i dual boot!*!*!*!

    yes, just add that line to your boot.ini and save. When you reboot you should see the bootloader come up. I'm not sure if it is case sensitive either, ie mine says C:\chain0 since that's exactly how chain0 is named (all lowercase). Also I'm not sure if it matters or not, but others have said the title (in your case 'Apple Mac OS X x86') should be the same as whatever you named the partition where you installed os x.
  7. How can I edit a kext file?

    right click the kext and select "show package contents" then open up the plist file with a text editor (textedit works) Also if you want to edit as a super user, bring up a terminal (under applications -> utilities) first type in sudo -s and enter your password. Then browse to the kext file (actually cd into the kext file itself) and say nano xxx.plist. Just use the cursor to move using this and hit ctrl+o to save and ctrol+x to quit.
  8. OSX86 Install DVDs

    well the different versions come from different hackers incorporated with different patches. That's the same reason for all the linux distros (just from different developers) If you are willing to get another one, I would gt a newer version, the newest version for amd is 10.4.6, and intel users can get 10.4.7. I went with jas 10.4.6 but you are prolly best just to experiment and find the best for you. The differences between them aren't huge
  9. !*!*!*!how do i dual boot!*!*!*!

    nono, chain is a very small file, get it here http://www.markblu.net/chain0 (gotta keep reading on the wiki) You should be able to edit the boot.ini just fine from explorer without using the command prompt. Just make sure hidden and system files are shown (tools -> folder options) Just keep reading the wiki, it will explain everything you need to know.
  10. !*!*!*!how do i dual boot!*!*!*!

    can you explain what you've done so far? have you emptied out an unallocated space and used diskpart to create a primary id=af partition? If you're really that concerned about it just use the disk utility from within the install dvd and format it using that.
  11. Boot plist getting annoying

    try booting up without -x and you shouldn't have to go through a login screen (that is if you aren't oen of the several that has to boot with -x to get the system to come up)
  12. 10.4.6 Hot iSO vs 10.4.6 Jas

    the sata support in osx86 is very limited. What's your mobo chipset? as far as I know, it looks like nForce4 (no earlier) is the best bet for sata.
  13. !*!*!*!how do i dual boot!*!*!*!

    If you download chain0 and stick it under your c drive (root directory) you can edit your boot.ini and just use the windows bootloader. Search the wiki for chain0 (<<chain zero). That's how I boot up.
  14. Considering building a 'Mac'

    well my question was just whether it takes 184-pin ram or 240-pin. I was fairly sure it was 240 until now o_0. Can you verify this? Oh and that's pretty awesome madzie, thanks for the offer!
  15. !*!*!*!how do i dual boot!*!*!*!

    Also for anything to work you have to pick 1 guide and stick with it, jumping around to different guides is a good way to screw something up. Set the partition with os x as active and you should've made it a primary partition back when you made it in the first place. If you didn't, you'll have to convert it to primary (which takes forever) with acronis, and pray that nothing gets corrupted in the process. And for pete sake, calm down and stop being so impatient.