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where do i begin, well i must say i managed to score a touchdown on a REALLY cheap notebook.

the gateway 4026:

1.3 ghz M 400 MHz

256 upgraded to 786 ddr

40 gig HD

ac97 soundmax

Intel® 852GM 32meg video. picked it up at a local electronic store for $599

5.5 pounds with the battery

that would place me in the Cheapest solution for a notebook.(i should be first place but youre welcomed to compete)



i managed to get QE working on both the releases test 3 and release 1 and Dmoo's image. somewhere in the forum i found the intel830 files that the DDVDs where missing, or i coundt find. i dont have dvd working , and sound i havnt tried becouse i have a external turtle beach soundcard the size of a flash drive that works beautifully($25).



i just decided to quit the whole thing because when i tried the release 1 itunes took 80 percent cpu usage, as opposed to the deadmoo image which took 14.im yet to discover what the problem is. i also have a HUGE problem with the sleep feature. even when the computer goes in to sleep mode the fan wont stop and hot air will continue to blow out and the clamsell (lid) feature would couse the computer to hang. not much sleeping going on if you ask me.

i did discover that with release 1 and test 3 the sleep feature did its job.atleast it wouldnt hang although the fan was still on.but when i installed the 830 files for the video the sleep feature when to {censored}. so this leads me to believe it speficically has something to do with the detection of my video, or the kext , or something video related.




so for me the deadmoo image was faster but the test 3 and release 1 offered higher disk speeds from 32 to 44. its mostly failure rather than success but thats the case with everyone. i hope i can help anyone with questions but i think ill wait a while before continuing with osx, good work to everyone who is relentlessly working to make this project better.



** update**

patch 0.5 fixed the 80% itunes cpu usage on the developers dvd , its down to 17% again :D:)

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Great input, thanks! I've been trying to figure out if it was worth the effort to switch from deadmoo to release1 and you've basically helped me out. I think i'll stick with the deadmoo image for now until a definitive patch comes along for sound!!! I'm beginning to think a release 1 patch has any advantage over a successfull deadmoo install.

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since i wrote this post ive made some nice improvements. i read in another post the 0.4 patch could give problems to some ppl, because the TMP checks too bad i had to figure this out before i stumbled on the possible solution, upgrading to patch 0.5 fixed my problem. so itunes was back to 15 % cpu usage from 80%. i also got my wireless working( i have broadcom). i havnt touched the sound yet.

i recommend the dev dvds because in the course of fixing things in your os you are VERY likely to mess something up to the point of reinstalling:( ;) . i dont have 2 drives on my notebook so the installation of the dMoo image took over 1 hr. with the dev disk its a breeze to reinstall.


for the test3 the following mods were done. :blink:

appleintel830 kexts and plugs

maxxuss 0.5




hopefully i can help if you need questions ....goodluck! :D

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