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  1. I was following the IRC and they advised NOT to do this. You may have corrupted the seed. The previous 10.4.8 download was corrupt and should be deleted.
  2. Just want to mention that that's a great board for running osx86. I'm using a 9800xt on it.
  3. Osx86 doesn't work on a Asus S96J..

    That's too bad. The s96j has just about the same hardware specs as a macbook pro.
  4. (not a bundle)

    the inspiron 5100 had audio working without modifications so i guess you should also have it running. it won't show up in system prefs but try the volume keys (Fn + F something).
  5. .kext for Realtek 8168?

    nobody has reported success with the rtl8168 or the intel 3945 yet. if the french forum has an answer, please share it with us
  6. Zydas is working on an x86 wireless driver

    For anyone having a hard time using the current zydas 1211 drivers/program, I've discovered through trial and error in my setup that I have to broadcast the SSID of my router, it won't work if the SSID is hidden. But WEP works so it is secure (to some extent)
  7. Sound Output=YES; Input=NO

    Reading on these forums I get the impression that editing the HDA.kext you can get sound input and editing the AppleAzaliaAudio.kext you can get sound output for the alc88x chipset. But loading both will crash the system so we're a step shy of a fully functioning driver.
  8. from my experience, native osx doesn't work well with logical partitions, you'll have to remove the logical partition and make it primary, use diskpart to convert your partition to id=af, boot the mac installer dvd, go into system untilities and convert the partition to journaled, install mac with the proper customizations, and keep your fingers crossed after
  9. Mounting an NTFS Partition?

    Gave it a try though i couldn't understand half of what was in the manual but i keep getting no such file or directory exists
  10. yer right, my mistake! thanks
  11. the demons have been down for maintenance for a day now
  12. USB Wireless

    As far as I know, you'll have to find one that has a ralink chipset. Zydas is also working on a mac driver but from what I gather there are still some bugs to straighten out. Unfortunately, USB wifi isn't recognized as an airport card and so it loads its own software which makes it a little more cumbersome and less "seemless"
  13. In the absence of functioning wifi, I'd like to see this working. I've tried editing the 8169 kext but still a no go.
  14. Mounting an NTFS Partition?

    Nope haven't tried that. Sorry for my ignorance but do I type that in terminal? I'll give it a try.
  15. Mounting an NTFS Partition?

    You may have a point. In my case I've got roughly 20GB each for both the XP and Mac OS partitions and a total of 35GB(~6GB free space) for the data partition. I'm on 10.4.6 already and I still have the problem.