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ATI Radeon X700 Pro Desktop AGP (not mobility)


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I've done a lot of searching around the forums, but I can't seem to locate anything about the desktop version of the X700 Pro (AGP). Just the mobility version!


First off, using Callisto build 006.


I've tried the kroverg method to enable QE/CI however I just ended up with a black screen and mouse pointer... Is it something to do with the 10.4.6 kext? Would using an older kext have better results? Or is it just impossible with this card? Surely someone out there must have experience with the desktop version. :)


Also tried (with no success) the AGP drivers. Anyone have success with these on an MSI Neo 2? (Not platinum)


I have no interest in playing games... Mostly audio editing and work within the standard UI. I hear people have had a hard time getting AGP mode AND QE/CI working at the same time... But whichever would provide the smoothest UI interface is what I'm looking for.


Any help would be appreciated greatly

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I don't think having QE/CI will prevent you from Audio editing but it will speed stuff up (as to my knowledge, it uses the graphics card to render windows etc.)


If you have an AGP Card you will need the AGPGart patch as well as the Koverg and Callisto patches.


Here's a break down of the patches:


Callisto - Custom Refresh Rate & Resolution

Koverg - Enable QE/CI

AGPGart - Required for AGP Cards


I don't think it matters about the kext versions, I did everything from a 10.4.6 install and I have QE/CI along with a custom resolution of 1440x900.


Hope that Helped.

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Thanks. I managed to get things working... Except of course, for QE/CI. The only thing I can think of is the 10.4.6 kexts. I get what seems to be the standard mouse pointer/black screen error... Occasionally the GUI just flickers blue and black and then hangs. Guess I can try with the 10.4.5 kexts.. Anyone have similar experiences?

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Tried with both 10.4.5 and 10.4.4 kexts... Also with respective opengl, quartz and quartzcore frameworks. Still black screen... That or just the blue screen with mouse pointer and nothing else. What the heck am I missing here? This card should work!

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I have an:


ATI Radeon X700 Pro (AGP)

Vendor ID: 1002

Device ID: 5e4b


card which I am trying to get working on:


10.4.8 (Semthex 8.8.1)


I have tried everything suggested in the forum (koverg, callisto etc...)

All I get is a black screen (sometimes the mouse barely shows through).


I need 1600x1200 w/QE/CI working on this card or I will have to find another card.


Has anyone gotten this card working?


If so, please detail...


Thank you in advance if you have any advice!


P.S. The card also shows a "secondary device id" of 5e6b.

What is the secondary device id for, anyone know?

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