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Is this where All Desktops are headed?

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s this the future of all desktop Operating Systems in the future? Hopefully not.



I’m a fan of apple products and I think they are good. But yesterdays Apple Event had me thinking deeply about the path they are heading in with regards to desktop computing. With the announcement of the new OS X: Lion, I was left in shock honestly. And it wasn’t a good shock either. It seems to me that Apple is slowly and incrementally turning their desktop into a huge iOS device. What does this mean? ALOT!


Imagine starting your desktop computer and having to buy EVERYTHING through an “App Store” that is heavily regulated and over-priced? Imagine only being able to download “Apple Approved” applications for your desktop. Imaging not even being able to manipulate your computer interface the way you want to because the new “iOS Desktop” doesn’t allow you to brows through your own system folders. Image apple doing a complete paradigm shift and your Desktop now becoming an extension of your iPad/iPod.


This presentation was about more than a new OS. Is was about a systematic change in the way apple will let us interact with our own computers. And I think it sucks. The last thing I want as a Professional Power User is someone regulating the way I use my computer. It gives apple too much power of my own desktop and open up the ability for them to take it even further.


Sure, right now it seems like they’re giving us options and letting us freely navigate through our desktop with their app store being only an option. But a complete systematic takeover would stir up too much controversy and backlash from their consumers. So instead they are implementing the idea in small increments so that people slowly adjust and don’t fight it at all. The next thing you know, we will have to call apple to get our computers turned on and be charged monthly “computer usage fees”.


Sounds far fetched? Look at the signs. This is already happening. And most people simply do not see it because their minds are already dumbed down and are programmed not to see it. Just wait and see….



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It's not news that everything is moving towards cloud computing.


When we grow old, we will sit back at our "terminal" and fondly remember the time when we owned our computers and the software installed on them.

In my opinion it's {censored} idiotic.


So, eventually. I'll everything will stored on some remote server by some company who I will trust NOT to misuse my information? HA!


Combine that with the new internet censorship bill and we're headed towards total {censored}EDVILLE. And from the looks of things, APPLE will be the mayor.

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Looking back on this and seeing Apple axe the XServe a couple of months later (After the Lion event) and hearing rumors a little earlier that Apple was considering renaming OS X "iOS Desktop" or some other such nonsense didn't feel good. I'm still hopeful that Apple won't toss the baby out with the bath water though particularly considering the the fact that it sounds like Final Cut Pro has been majorly revised and they've been spending money developing this upgrade for a couple of years now. Atleast that's beacon of light for professional users that don't want to see Apple de-evolve itself into a consumer electronics company.




The sad part for me was when they axed XRAID and acquired PA-SEMI a month or so later I knew they wanted them to build the iGadget processors but I thought they would also have them continuing the their RAID chip business which had become best of breed for speeding disc arrays before Apple bought them. Maybe that can still happen (shrug).

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